WIA2020 Shortlist Highlights: Editorial Category Sponsored by Procreate

The WIA2020 Editorial Category, sponsored by Procreate, celebrates all forms of editorial illustration for journalism and comment in digital or print format including features, cartoons, satire, reportage and current affairs. We love how illustration takes an article beyond words, and offers a visual way of enticing readers to engage with articles and content.

Often made to very tight deadlines, Editorial illustration is all about capturing current events with immediacy and with impact. Procreate are this year’s Editorial Category sponsors, and are proud to be support this hugely creative sector of the illustration industry:

Editorial illustration is all about bringing the theme of a story to life in a visually exciting way. Artists need to interpret a story and develop their pieces under strict deadlines. Procreate admires and appreciates all artists producing sharp, insightful work on the run.

Explore just a few of our highlights of the commissioned editorial entries shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2020 Editorial Category sponsored by Procreate, below. If you would like to learn more about a project, click on the image or title to see the full entry.

Thanks go to the three Editorial Category judges:

The World Illustration Awards 2020 Shortlist features 200 hundred projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world organised within 10 industry relevant categories.

If you would like to learn more about a project, click on the title or image to see the full submission.

Stefan Große Halbuer : Das große Wimmeln

Stefan’s double page spread was used in an employee magazine. Commissioned by Cyrano Kommunkation GmbH for Sinnack Backspezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG, the brief asked for a complex image with humour, to show how bread rolls are made for supply to supermarkets, interwoven with the humorous situations that can occur in a large factory. This digital illustration uses an aerial viewpoint to show the whole factory, and details emerge as you explore the image offering a window into the stories of the factory and its workers.

Stefan Große Halbuer is a designer and illustrator from Münster, Germany. He graduated with a M.A. from Münster School of Design in 2019, and has been a freelance illlustrator for 8 years, focusing on editorial design, information design and digital illustration. 

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Simo Liu : Micromanagement

Simo Liu’s illustration was commissioned by news website Medium to accompany an article by Jessica Powell about micromanagement style. This digital illustration uses a bold, graphic style with minimal colours and stylised shapes. The exaggerated sense of scale highlights the power structure of the workplace.

Simo Liu is an animated film artist, illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles. Simo Liu’s works combine various styles, techniques and aesthetics with sounds and music to show art pieces interesting and meaningful. 

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Patrik Svensson : Grieving at work

This illustration was commissioned by Susannah Haesche for Harvard Business Review for a feature looking at the impact of grief at work from a range of perspectives. This poignant illustration uses textured space and refined detail to offer the sense of being emotionally stranded. The work is made using mixed media, and published on a double-page spread for the opening pages of the article.

Patrik works on various projects from his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. His clients include 20th Century Fox, Penguin Books, NY Times and Wall Street Journal, amongst many others.

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Nathalie Lees : The Testaments

Nathalie was commissioned by Chris Clarke at The Guardian to create a cover and inside illustrations for a standalone booklet featuring a chapter of Margaret Atwood’s new book The Testaments. The illustrations began as rough thumbnail sketches, and then developed digitally. The strong colours echo the cover of the published book, and use shading and tone to strong effect to communicate the sense of foreboding in the novel.

Nathalie Lees is a London based illustrator. After graduating she became the in-house illustrator at The Times newspaper, and is now a freelance illustrator, with clients including  Harper Collins, The Washington Post, Apple, Esso and Wallpaper*

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Luca D’Urbino : War Refugees

Luca D’Urbino’s illustration highlights the plight of the Rohingya refugees facing persecution in Myanmar. This digitally crafted illustration uses a silhouette to communicate its message with a directness and impact that is enhanced by the use of a background of a strongly coloured and textured background. This illustration was commissioned by Stephen Petch for The Economist.

Luca is an illustrator based in Milan, Italy. He is a regular illustrator for The Economist, and also a prolific freelancer for global brands and titles.

Social Media:
facebook.com/D’Urbo Design

Personal Website:

Lisa Sheehan ‘Asillo3D’ : HIT THE OFF SWITCH

Lisa, aka Asillo 3D, was commissioned by Nathalie Bates of Women’s Health magazine, part of the Hearst Magazines Group. This piece had a specific brief for a woman made of wires, to accompany an article about how to hit the off switch during exercise. The project included this full page illustration plus some additional wire motifs used across the article. The piece began as sketches, which were then built in Cinema 4D. The colours are bright, inspired by those used in electrical wiring.

Lisa Sheehan, studied at Kingston University and is based in Bedfordshire, UK. Lisa is known for her CGI illustrations, which are often typographical, with a pop of colour. Her clients include The New York Times, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, The Financial Times and Tesco. Lisa is repsented by Debut Art.

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Jake Hawkins : Race to Replace Mark Carney Is Another Brexit Battleground

Jake’s illustration was commissioned by The Telegraph, for use in print and online. The work is conceptual, using a visual metaphor to communicate the topic clearly. The contrast of the smart shoes, Union Jack socks and starting blocks cleverly draw the viewer into the news story, with the tied shoelaces a detail to be discovered upon closer viewing. The work was created digitally using Procreate.

Jake Hawkins is a London-based illustrator and in-house designer at The Telegraph, with a first class honours degree in Illustration from Falmouth University.

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Fatinha Ramos : Danger in Social Media

Fatinha’s illustration was commissioned by An Pauwels of Curieus for a magazine article about the unexpected danger on social media. It was also used for a festival, online, and a large-scale projection during a panel discussion. The piece cleverly transforms the screen of a device into shark infested waters, using a palette of subtle hues and painterly textures.

The work was drawn with charcoal and then painted. It was then scanned, worked on digitally, and then printed and painted again. This process was repeated several times until the desired, layered effect was achieved.

Fatinha Ramos is an international award-winning Antwerp-based illustrator and visual artist originally from Portugal.

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Eleni Debo : Eloping Tradition

Eleni was commissioned by De Volkskrant for a cover illustration for an article about a Turkish woman marrying a Dutch man. The article explains the difficulties Turkish women can face in marrying someone from another culture. The minimal composition shows the feeling of isolation experienced. The red background references the Turkish flag, offering a striking contrast to the white wedding dress, and the void left behind. The piece is made digitally.

Eleni Debo is a Belgian illustrator living in the Italian Alps. Since finishing her Masters degree in Visual Arts in 2015, she has made work for books, prints, editorials and campaigns for a wide variety of international clients, and always welcomes new challenges. She is represented by Folio Art.

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Andrea Ucini : Abuse

Andrea was commissioned by The Pharmaceutical Journal Magazine for a cover illustration showing the risk opioid abuse. The work uses a medicine capsule as the main shape, showing someone plunging into its dark depths. The work is instantly recognisable, and communicates using very minimal imagery and colour. The work is created first on paper, then completed in Photoshop to add texture and colour.

Andrea is originally from Italy, and has been in Denmark the last 10. His clients include The New York Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Die Zeit, New Scientist, Scientific America. Andrea is represented by Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

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If you enjoyed this curated list, why not have explore the full WIA2020 shortlist, for more inspiration!

4th August 2020

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