How Illustration Agencies can take your projects to the next level

Illustration agencies play a key role in producing many of the innovative and award-winning projects we see across the industry. They are the silent forces behind many successful projects and are working continuously to support businesses through this period.

While many businesses want to work directly with an illustrator, others may want to consider going through an agency. All AOI member agents work to our code of conduct, so clients know they will be working with fair and ethical agencies.

Agencies work transparently from client brief to final artist design, ironing logistics and legal documents, leaving more time for artist and client focus on the most enjoyable parts of a commission. An Illustration agency can help launch projects to the next level – they are top creative thinkers with the commercial expertise to match.

Following on from our hit business series article, ‘Now is the perfect time to work with Illustrators and Animators’ we’re proud to highlight our network of brilliant member Illustration Agencies and break-down what they offer – to help propel your business projects forward.

Some agencies are leaders in specific fields such as publishing or advertising, and some remain flexible in their approach or style, working with illustrators interested in a variety of formats. From product packaging, business branding & marketing, to murals and outdoor displays – the possibilities are endless.

Each image links though the agencies website, we have also included a full list of categories below.

Adobe 'Honor Heroes' campaign

Agency: Handsome Frank – Illustrator Petra Eriksson

Agency: Roar – Illustrator Darren Shaddick

Heart at Home. Organ Donation Campaign

Agency: Meiklejohn – Illustrator Becky Thorns

Agency: Phosphor Art – Illustrator Pastiche

Mooov Film Festival

Agency: Folio Art – Illustrator Eleni Debo

Agency: Debut Art – Illustrator Chris Labrooy

Agency: Jelly – Illustrator Alva Skog


Agency: JSR – Illustrator R. Fresson

Agency: Oskar Illustration Agency – Illustrator Bertrand Aznar

Agency: Jacky Winter – Illustrator Eirian Chapman

Agency: Illustration X – Illustrator Darruda

Agency: Arena – Illustrator Graham Carter

Agency: Artist Partners – Illustrator Jamie Edler

Branding/Corporate/Advertising Handsome Frank, Meiklejohn, Debut Art, Roar, Artist Partners, JSR, Strange Beast, NB Illustration, The Artworks, Phosphor Art, Jelly, Oskar Illustration, Folio, Jacky Winter, Illustration X, Usfolk, Dogeatcog, Everyone.

Publishing Arena, Holroyde Cartey, Folio, Debut ArtMeiklejohn, Artist Partners, Bright.

Sign Writing Better LettersJelly.

While we have categorised these agencies – note that some may lead production in other areas so make sure you check out their websites for a full reflection of what they do.


11th June 2020

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