Illustrators Magazine 1981 Issue 39

Another interesting article extracted from Illustrators Magazine, the 1981 Issue no. 39. – Special Drawing Issue.

Spreads 26+27_Miida_Outline_550

Sara Midda’s sketchbooks record plans and memories, filled with delicate  illustrations, reportage drawings, thought processes and written observations. Sketchbooks are “to record places and memories…jot down thoughts and ideas as they come along, which may or may not be elaborated on”, Midda explains. Qualities within her sketchbooks – watercolours, notes, hand drawn typography, can be seen books In and Out of the Garden, 1981 (below), and South of France, 1990.

Midda’s honest and curious use of her sketchbooks sums up the importance of sketching as a catalyst,  “the theme explores drawing as an activity fundamental to illustration”, writes editor Wendy Coates-Smith, reasserting this importance.


26th April 2016

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