Take a look through some of the books created as part of the projects shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2020.

These videos have been created by the illustrators especially for this Showcase to give an inside look of all sorts of books.

Yoss Sanchez: A Walk Around Town

Take a walk through this fun concertina book.

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Kyeong Mi Lee: Guitar DIY

Take a look at this shortlisted book celebrating the guitar from the Alternative Publishing Category.

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Marieke van Ditshuizen: Sing, sing, sing around the world

Sing Sing Sing Around the World is shortlisted in the Children’s Publishing Category

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Mary Flora Hart: Flora

Join Mary for a look through her self-initiated book project featuring her illustrations titled Flora.

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Mariajo Ilustrajo: Flooded

Meet the characters that fill Mariajo’s children’s book.

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Charlotte Manning: Canadian Animal Alphabet

Journey through Charlotte’s magical book of Canadian Animals

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Kin Choi Lam: Hello Nomads

Meet the nomads of the world in Kin Choi Lam’s charming children’s book.

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Angus Ulyett: Fresh Air

See Angus’ comic book Fresh Air, with a serious message. It is one part of a larger project that also features an animation.

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Rina Allek: Anatomy fun facts book

Enjoy Rina’s anatomy-themed flipthrough of her fun facts book.

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