Varoom 41 – the No Narrative issue

Spring 2020, cover image by Matthew Richardson

The practice of storytelling dominates our understanding of illustration, and for good reason – illustrators are brilliant at it. But in the No Narrative issue, we explore illustration that breaks away from telling tales.

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and with a cover illustration in 4 colourways by Matthew Richardson, Varoom 41 is a fascinating look at illustration beyond the story.

An essential platform – It’s Nice That

Flora and Fungi

Katie Scott reflects on drawing the natural world. ‘I draw plants, but I am not technically a ‘botanical illustrator.’

Succulents and Cacti, Botanicum, 2016

To Be Human

Emily Jost talks to Merlin Strangeway about medical illustration beyond the body, challenging the conventions of the medical illustration establishment and valuing subjectivity in science.

Show It Better

Alix-Rose Cowie meets studios IKSOI and Visual Citizens and asks whether architectural visualisation is becoming art.

Word Activism

Tristan Manco investigates the subversive instructions of Tano Veron, who describes himself as a ‘word activist’ using text to spread ideas with stencilled posters and murals influenced by the local Argentinian cumbiera letterpress aesthetic.

Cutting Through

A vast volume of facts and figures is available to us, but for our busy minds it can be hard to follow, nevertheless, we do want to know how our intricate world works. Derek Brazell discusses information design with Grundini and Delayed Gratification magazine

The Deep

The ocean covers 70% of our planet, but we know less about its shape than we do about the surfaces of the Moon and Mars. Olivia Ahmad looks at the topography of the seabed.

Simple Ideas

Hervé Tullet on creating books for interactive play. ‘My books are installations, displays that launch an interactive reading experience, a dialogue between a child and a parent.’

Game of Sculpture, 2016

Making Faces

Illustration has been used for centuries in the criminal justice system as an important tool. Katie McCurrach tracks the role of image-making in criminal identification.

Rules and Exceptions

Anna Steinburg explores the liberating power of constraints with Catrin Morgan.

Maypole, 2015

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