The Day Fin Flooded The World – review

One night Fin remembers do everything the correct way before his bedtime, but alas he forgets one very important thing! Karl Foster reviews Adam Stower’s new book.

The Girl Who Became a Tree – review

Written in verse, this is the story of Daphne, a girl feeling loss and uncertainty, who seeks comfort and security in a library, where the books and her phone block out the world around her.

An Illustrated History of UFOs – review

An Illustrated History of UFOS is an ideal choice of ground for Boardman to demonstrate his skill at interpreting a subject whose mythology is constructed upon a confusion of fact and fiction

The Pocket Chaotic – review

A sweet story about breaking free from a parent, The Pocket Chaotic is a fun story with sprightly illustrations that is great to read out loud and may encourage little ones to explore new environments.

Abbatt Toys – review

Abbatt Toys was founded by Paul and Marjorie Abbatt in the early 1930s, and there are many images throughout the substantial book showing a range of period photographs, plans, sketches and products.

Gender Swapped Fairy Tales – review

With Gender Swapped Fairy Tales, Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett give an ingenious update to these familiar stories. Their aim for children “to grow up in a world where little girls can be powerful and where little boys can express their vulnerability without anger.”

One of a Kind – review

‘One Of A Kind’, a picture book by Neil Packer is an excellent publication that allows you to stop, be still and take the time to think. Inside our protagonist is a youngster called Arvo, whose journey takes us from Linnaean nomenclature to the Dewey decimal system by way of aspects of time and space.

The Problem With Pierre – review

Living next to one another in a brick terrace, Alan and Bertram are friends and neighbours who have contrasting lifestyles. How will Pierre, Bertram’s new cat, react to his minimalist new home? Does Alan’s appear more cosy?

The Fundamentals of Illustration – review

By reading this, aspiring illustrators will feel far more confident in their subject knowledge and will have an idea of what they need to do in order to develop themselves into a creative professional, who has the required practical skills and aptitude for a successful career.

This Book is Anti-Racist – review

Reviewer Karl Foster believes that This Book Is Anti-Racist will help children to help their elders to understand the inequities of racial prejudice and the work necessary to help them to ‘change their minds.’

Look for Ladybird in Plant City – Review

Manolessou has a gift for creating a composition which fills a page, yet leaves room for the image to breathe. Swarming with creatures and scenes, this book is a delight.

Nu Dang and His Kite – book review

Ayer’s picture books set out to give a form to her countless pen and ink drawings made travelling along the canals, in and around the markets, workshops and streets of Bangkok.

Very Heath Robinson – book review

‘His humour turned on taking things to the extremes’ says author Adam Hart-Davis on his subject, humourist (and excellent draftsman) Heath Robinson.

Elephant On The Moon – book review

Written and illustrated by Mikołaj Pasiński and Gosia Herba Published by Centrala ISBN: 978-0-9933951-2-3 Review by Allie Oldfield Limited colour palettes have become quite a favourable design quirk in children’s..