Jon Klassen and The Skull

In August, writer and illustrator Jon Klassen was interviewed by AOI on publication of his new book, and Derek Brazell reviews The Skull

Lost – review

Lost in an unfamiliar setting polar bear can’t remember how he got there, or which way he turns for home. Everyone is too occupied to help. Mariano Illustrajo’s delightful new book questions, ‘where is home’?

Drawing for Illustration – review

With an easy-to-read style, Martin Salisbury has created an attractive and useful book detailing that skill which most illustrators in the ‘About’ sections of their websites will say they have been into since they were small children: drawing.

Grandma’s House of Rules – review

Grandma has a prized family heirloom that mustn’t even be approached, never mind touched – how will the boy cope with this rule? In a tale about coping with responsibilities and finding surprising solutions to problems, our young hero discovers his Grandma is not quite what she seems.

Indigo Takes Flight – review

Indigo Takes Flight is a great short story, says reviewer Louise Date, and one that is a thought-provoking tool for discussing change, difference and how to accept the people we see in the mirror.

Les Sardines A L’Huile – review

This book is jam-packed with gold and silver delights, says reviewer Karl Foster. From the debossed cover to the skilfully rendered designs within you will discover the range of items that reside in the category of tinned oily fish. All drawn by Glynn Boyd Harte.

In Her Element – review

This story’s narrative speaks volumes in very few pages, and is in a flowing cadence that will allow children to follow the story through its tricky storyline and challenging themes not often given coverage in children’s books: disability, bullying, acceptance, and a childhood unlike others. Review by Louise Date.