New Talent Overall Winner: Tara Anand / The God of Small Things

Professional Overall Winner: Daniel Liévano / Sounds Wild and Broken


New Talent Advertising Category Winner: Alan Lu Jiang / Oriental Charm (Hermès Promotional Video)

Professional Advertising Category Winner: Chiara Vercesi / The Price of Extinction  

New Talent Alternative Publishing Category Winner: Soojin Kim / Scales and Shards

Professional Alternative Publishing Category Winner: Ofra Amit / Undercover

New Talent Book Covers Category Winner: Dexin Chen / To Live

Professional Book Covers Category Winner: Trajan / Cover Illustration for ‘Shanghairen’

Still image version

New Talent Children’s Publishing Category Winner: Kate Rolfe / Navigating Dyslexia

Professional Children’s Publishing Category Winner: Chencorn / The Lighthouse Keeper

New Talent Commercial Publishing Category Winner: Tara Anand / The God of Small Things

Professional Commercial Publishing Category Winner: Christian Gralingen / Climate Change

New Talent Design, Product & Packaging Category Winner: Iga Nawara / LAS DLA NAS (Forest for Us)

Professional Design, Product & Packaging Category Winner: Andrew Bannister / The Bong Joon Ho Collection

New Talent Editorial Category Winner: Lea Berndorfer / Health For All

Professional Editorial Category Winner: Duke +1 / NOISE (LÄRM)

New Talent Exploration Category Winner: Vyolet Jin / Coralie’s Mobile Doll House

A mobile doll house sets the scene for a scavenger hunt.

Professional Exploration Category Winner: Tania Yakunova / Ordinary Despair

New Talent Science & Technology Category Winner: Haoshu / Metaverse

Professional Science & Technology Category Winner: Daniel Liévano / Sounds Wild and Broken

New Talent Site Specific Category Winner: Miriam Pritchard / Story Tiles

Professional Site Specific Category Winner: Kneethee / Veedu (Home)

Ukkadam Art District Mural by Kneethee


AOI Members Award Winner: Yuki Uebo / Travel to Japan

DI Award Winner: Dorien Brouwers / SAIL

Now the boy goes underwater for the first time. And discovers a world he never knew existed. This is the surprise page full of magic. Text reads:

Innovation Award Winner: Owen Gildersleeve / Atmospheric Rivers

SAA Agents Award for New Talent: Carole Bouvier / On a Spring Day


  • New Talent Advertising Highly Commended:  Kefan Shi / Garden
  • Professional Advertising Highly Commended:  Paul Sirand / L’escape Artiste — Eurotunnel
  • New Talent Alternative Publishing Highly Commended:  Wenjing Yang / Communication Equipment Monsters Collection
  • Professional Alternative Publishing Highly Commended:  Cé Simonis / My Brass Band
  • New Talent Book Covers Highly Commended:  Nick Moffatt / Classic Beat Generation Collection
  • Professional Book Covers Highly Commended:  Amanda Arlotta / Violeta
  • New Talent Children’s Publishing Highly Commended:  Carole Bouvier / On a Spring Day
  • Professional Children’s Publishing Highly Commended:  Vali Mintzi / Nour’s Secret Library
  • New Talent Commercial Publishing Highly Commended:  Llaonkim / An Essay of a Shaman These Days
  • Professional Commercial Publishing Highly Commended:  Georgie McAusland / Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market
  • New Talent Design  Product & Packaging Highly Commended:  Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns / Malduguns Beer Brewery
  • Professional Design  Product & Packaging Highly Commended:  Gail Armstrong / United Nations World Toilet Day Stamps
  • New Talent Editorial Highly Commended:  Cherie Kwok / Beating Bias
  • Professional Editorial Highly Commended:  Stephan Schmitz / Fatigue
  • New Talent Exploration Highly Commended:  Nico Liu / ADHD
  • Professional Exploration Highly Commended:  Lyne Lucien / Personal Black Futurism
  • New Talent Science & Technology Highly Commended:  Alicia Blasco / Winter Sports
  • Professional Science & Technology Highly Commended:  Nate Kitch / Putting Parkinson’s in the Picture
  • New Talent Site Specific Highly Commended:  Nika Mamedova / Community
  • Professional Site Specific Highly Commended:  Laura Merz / Flight Mural in Hanko, Finland

All the winning projects can be viewed at: www.theaoi.com/wia