Vintage and Retro Style

Harking back to times gone by, these illustrators have been influenced by the colours, striking fonts and iconic imagery of all things vintage and retro.

Nick Moffatt: Classic Beat Generation Collection

Choosing a series of books written by iconic writers from the Beat generation in the 1950s, these book covers were designed to sit together by using an atmospheric colour palette, a dynamic hand drawn font and layering linear figures.

Isabella Bersellini: Illustrations on the study of shamanic trance as a medical resource, for Les Echos Week-end

Technicolour lines on black shapes help capture the effects of psychedelic experiences on the human body. Listening to Frank Zappa and referencing images 1970’s psychedelia influenced these mesmerising images.

Virginie Morgand: Paris Match

With spare hand drawn lines and a limited colour palette, this illustrated cover for a memoir of Parisian expat life evokes the naivet√© of vintage French children’s book illustrations.

James Tyrrell : Iconic Australian Roadside Motel

Working from archival photographs, this illustration takes you back in time to the days of mid century architecture and signage. The finished illustration was used in high quality poster prints and postcards.

MUTI: Eroica

Evoking the style of vintage Tour de France posters, these posters were designed for 4 different Erocia cycling events in 2021. They are all digitally painted with a strong focus on colour as an emotional trigger.