Vibrant Colour

Bright, bold colour makes for attention-grabbing illustration. Whether tempting consumers, engaging readers or encouraging clicks, a vibrant colour palette can create an impact like nothing else.

Ayelet Raziel - Stardust - Prince

Ayelet Raziel: Stardust

Ayelet’s series of colourful illustrations are tributes to favourite musicians. Using photos for reference, the images are gradually abstracted in Procreate, with bright primary colours and graphic patterns linking the different pieces in the series together to create a unified feel.

Tara Anand: The God of Small Things

Tara Anand’s illustrations are based on The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. The rich colours capture the ambience of Kerala, India, where the story is set. The complex patterns and colours reflect the vibrancy of the intertwining personal and political stories. The clean, bright colours are achieved through painting in gouache on watercolour paper, using thick layers of paint, and finished with finer work to add detail.

Lea Berndorfer: Health for All

These illustrations were created for Amnesty Journal’s ‘Health for All’ themed issue. The heightened colours and bold compositions communicate the urgency of medicines becoming scarce and more expensive. The bold colours are achieve through acrylic painting, with editing in photoshop.

Exploring the intersection of race and comedy in Asian America. Ali Wong con- tinues to bring nothing but the best to heraudience with her quick, unapologetic, and unfiltered approach to stand-up when she’s pregnant. she has an “unusual amount of Asian pride”. She voiced the role of anxious song thrush, Bertie, in the adult animated sitcom Tuca & Bertie,which she executive produced; and pub- lished a best-selling book written for her daughters, Dear Girls: Intimate Tales,Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best Life. Ali Wong returns to stand-up with a set full of the raunch and relatability that’s become her brand: the strange intersection of womanhood, motherhood, wifedom, and success.

Dwayne Huang: On the Way

Dwayne Huang’s illustration plays with bright colour and composition to create a psychedelic, M. C. Escher-inspired illustration.

Nadine Scherer: Wilde Viecher (Wild Creatures)

Nadine’s series of 12 illustrations for a calendar use a palette of bold colours, organic shapes, and vivid contrasts to create these eye-catching designs.

Trampolín: Inclusive Creative Lab for Zeta Beer

As part of a corporate social responsibility project to engage people with learning disabilities, Trampolin was commissioned to create these designs for a limited edition of Zeta Beer. The ripped, torn forms create broad areas of Mediterranean-inspired colour, giving a optimistic, uplifting feel to the designs.

A mobile doll house sets the scene for a scavenger hunt.

Vyolet Jin: Coralie’s Mobile Doll House

Vyolet’s illustration is of the dollhouse she has always dreamed of. Using energetic mark-making and vivid colours, this digitally painted, risograph print has a playful, enchanting quality.

Ari Liloan: Asia Society Magazine

Ari’s cover illustration for Asia Society Magazine collages important political and social events that occurred in 2021 across the continent. This complex image is unified through the use of bright colours with plenty of intriguing detail.

Francesco Giustozzi: Imagine if…

Francesco’s joyful illustration uses colour on a dark background to create a mysterious night time scene. This work reflects the magical world of children’s literature, and was used for the 2021 China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair.

Caspar Wain: Get Next, Get Going!

Caspar Wain’s suite of illustrations for NEXT insurance use bold, uplifting colour to shift away from the anxiety-inducing world of insurance to a more playful world. These illustrations have an energetic quality, offset by the use of an almost neon colour palette.