Tough topics

This gallery of projects address some difficult topics such as loneliness, grief and loss. The medium of illustration is a perfect way to convey these emotionally difficult and challenging topics, especially for younger audiences.

Anabela Dias: The White Jar

Anabela’s project is a cover illustration for ‘The White Jar’, a tale of adult depression, told through a poetic language for children. The delicate illustration touches on the sensitivity of the story’s topic.

Hay monstruos en mi pueblo, it is an illustrated literary work for children about the Colombian armed conflict and its consequences in childhood and adolescence. This book tells about an important emblematic event known in Colombia as the Bellavista Massacre, where 28 children died as a result of the conflict.

Alejandra Pérek: Hay monstruos en mi pueblo

Alejandra’s project is an illustrated book for children, with texts written by migrant children and victims of violence. Commissioned by Museo Casa de la Memoria, it is a document of the history and memory of the Bellavista Massacre in Colombia.

MENG-TE SHEN: A little shy boy who has just transferred to another school then he become more shy until…

This series of illustrations are inspired by the artist’s childhood memories and shyness, using a humorous and touching friendship between a little boy and a sloth.

qinlin yang: Loneliness

These illustrations show what it’s like to be a sensitive person experiencing loneliness. The dark, moody, mono-printed textures convey a feeling of being in an emotional black hole.

Ofra Amit: Undercover, a visual story about separation and reconciliation

This illustrated concertina book looks at the subject of separation and loss, in particular the things we lose in life but also the things we find.

Rachel James: Sometimes I Like To Be Alone

Rachel’s MA project is a children’s book that discusses loneliness, an emotion that children may find hard to process. These handmade, collaged illustrations examine the positive as well as negative aspects of being alone.

Annabella Orosz: CLOUD PILLOW- poem anthology about death and existence

Cloud Pillow is a book for children, aiming to help them to understand and process the loss of loved ones. These soft illustrations accompany the collected works of well-known Hungarian poets. The use of expansive landscapes and small figures offer a space for contemplation on the page.

Eva Wünsch & Luisa Stömer: Schwellenangst – Liegende Achten, der Tod und das Jetzt

The book “Schwellenangst” deals with the topics of dying, death and loss. Created by two illustrators working together, these multi-layered illustrations became an analogy for dealing with events being out of control and letting go.

Hayley Wells: The More Monster

The More Monster is a complex critique of consumer culture, presented in a playful way for children. The book offers young readers a sense of hope and empowerment, with a vision for a better world in the face of the injustices of climate change and consumer culture.