Portfolio Work

Whether exploring a new idea, style or technique, self-initiated work often forms the foundation of an illustrator’s practice and portfolio.

Staselė Jakunskaitė: SWAP

SWAP is a personal project, where parts of everyday situations are swapped with each other, to create new and surprising images. The illustrations are used as merchandise, and may become a book when the series is complete.

Fabrizio Lenci: 2021 Character Explorations

Fabrizio’s character explorations are experiments to find new ways to represent the human figure. Using elegant geometric shapes and vivid colours, these self-promotional images are fresh and contemporary.

Carina Lindmeier: Still Life Illustration

Carina’s still life illustration series respond to a social media challenge for artists to create interpretations of a shared photograph. These digital illustrations started as an observational sketch, and were then finished digitally. The bright colours and energetic style show the illustrators ability to explore and play.

Fluttuante: Hopscotch

This pastel-toned, playful illustration was created digitally to be entered into a competition and exhibition.

Camelia Pham: Breathing Out Tigers

This was a personal project was created with a sense of catharsis; to relocate an identity, and liberate her creative self. The work is created digitally with colourful half tones and translucent layers.

Stephanie Stella: Lazy Sunday

Stephanie’s personal portfolio piece is created digitally, showing her idea of a heavenly lazy Sunday, where she is curled up with her beloved dog at home.

An Chen: Still Life

An Chen’s personal work explores how plants grow in geometric ways, which is inspired her angular approach to depicting this particular still life.

Siming Ma: A little monster with a big mouth

These charming illustrations were created for personal portfolio and picture book illustrations. The little monster’s ventures are vividly depicted through creative use of colour, collage, and texture.

papagxiong: Daydream

This personal work is inspired by the artist’s pet cats. The illustrations use an unusual colour palette, with a luminous, dreamy quality, which is created digitally using Procreate, and then finished in Photoshop to unify the tones.

Illustration by Miriam Martincic

Miriam Martincic: Box

This self-initiated piece shows the harrowing story of children held in detention in the USA. Here, the artist’s surreal style is on display to full, emotional effect.