Picture Books

Explore how the picture book format can create engaging narratives for readers of any age.

John Cei Douglas: All the Places in Between

John Cei Douglas’ graphic novel shows how it feels to struggle with anxiety and depression. The silent comic format allows readers to interpret the story for themselves and explore their own mental health through the book’s journey.

Sebastian König: Jamming

‘Jamming’ is an imaginary trip along the motorways of 90s Europe, showing the humorous events that take place on the road. The geometric forms and bold colours create a unique picture book for adult readers.

Carole Bouvier: On A Spring Day

This picture book expresses a feeling of longing through images and haiku. The images are reminiscent of Japanese woodblock printing, with washes of colour and line showing the beauty in everyday scenes.

Francesco Giustozzi: Let’s Play

These illustrations are a hymn to the joy of children, to the freedom and the power of imagination, and the beauty of the city. These silent picture book illustrations are created using digital techniques that mimic traditional collage, using textures, and red, white and black to create spectacular cityscapes.

Paula White : The Baker By The Sea

This picture book grew out of Paula’s interest in her hometown’s fishing heritage and her own family history. The illustrations are made using pencil and ink wash. A warm background colour is offset by the blue-greys that are characteristic of the Suffolk coastline.

Children's book

Alicia Pinckney: Chicken The Cat

‘Chicken the Cat’ is a picture book that follows the journey of Chicken who may seem shy, but is actually very brave. These illustrations are made using mixed media, including mono printing, gouache and pencil, which were then digitally collaged to allow for experimental, layered image making.

Anna and Elena Balbusso Twins: Me+Tree children’s picture book

Me+Tree tells the story of how a tree stump in an urban playground and a girl new to the neighbourhood forge a bond through their life stories. The textured, layered illustrations add to the sense of adventure.

Einar Turkowski: The secrets of Pinewood Hill

This picture book for all ages encourages people to fight their fears and use their freedom to find their own way. Inspired by movies from the 80s, these highly detailed illustrations are a tribute to the dream factory and the adventures of youth.


Soyung Lee: When Winter Comes

These luminous illustrations reinterpret the meaning of winter as a time to be together, and to find light in the dark. They are painted using a wet-in-wet watercolour technique to express the light that shines through the window on a cold, winter night.

Cover Illustration

Dali Wu: Outside of outside of outside

This artist’s picture book for all ages shows that life is a journey, and the sometimes difficult emotions we experience: feelings of frustration, being rejected, restricted, abandoned, and being shocked by the vast darkness, as well as the beauty that we encounter along the way. Made using mixed media, these original paintings use handmade pigments and metallic powders adding a glittering shine.