Pattern and Repetition

Repetition is far from boring! This gallery of images shows the powerful impact of pattern, repetition and texture in storytelling.

Rachael Saunders: Patterned Panoramic of Krka National Park, Croatia

This epic patterned panoramic pays homage to Krka National Park, Croatia, which Rachael visited on her honeymoon, and was inspired to recreate the beautiful colours, textures and patterns that she saw in the natural landscape.

Mikki Lee: Love Poems

The intricate patterns of Gustav Klimt’s work are clearly an influence on Mikki’s beautiful illustrations which tell the story of poetic love.


Miguel Bustos: Barcelona Markets

In recognition of the markets of Barcelona and their work promoting local and healthy gastronomy this limited edition poster captures the eclectic range of architecture across all the sites.

Iga Nawara : LAS DLA NAS (Forest for Us), social campaign

The green eyes staring out from this illustration emulate a human face to help identify the viewer with nature. This poster was created to highlight the impact of climate change on the forest ecosystem.

Neil Packer: The Divine Comedy

Dante’s Divine Comedy explores the human condition in exquisite detail. To explore the transcendental beauty of the text, these hand drawn illustrations, were augmented digitally with ink textures to give them the feel of a woodcut print.

Yuchen: Fantasy Stories

This elegant series of illustrations use delicate pattern and ombre textures to create sumptuous images that combine depth and flatness.

Yuki Uebo: Travel to Japan

Becoming a tourist in her own country due to Covid travel restrictions, Yuki created this colourful series of illustrations which include repetitions of figures in scenes that show the fun side of Japanese culture that she discovered during her travels.