Music and Sound

Whether inspired by music, or commenting on the industry, illustration can powerfully translate the rhythm and energy of music and sound into images.

Tsjisse Talsma: Feed forward – a mystical jazz fairytale

Tsjisse’s record sleeve design was commissioned by Jazz group Coal Harbour. The design uses pastel colours and forest imagery to create a mystical feel for a contemporary market.

Steven Van Hasten: Music Graphics, a tribute to the vinyl record

This poster series celebrates the importance of vinyl records. Taking familiar imagery from seminal record covers, Steven reinvents them to be recognisable, while showcasing his own style using bright colours and unusual textures.

Stephan Schmitz: The Sisyphean Quest for a Good Record Deal

Stephan’s editorial image for Rolling Stone magazine shows the difficulty young musicians can face working in the music industry. The shadow cast by a chain creates a powerful visual metaphor.

JIANG ZHENYING: DunHuang Arts (music goddess) and five planets in universe

Jiang’s illustration is a personal work, featuring DunHuang, a traditional Chinese goddess of music. The imagery captures the movement of the planets and a sense of sound swirling around them through the use of delicate line work.

Cé Simonis: My Brass Band

My Brass Band is a self-published concertina book that uses the idea of an inner brass band as an encouraging force to get us through everyday life.

Jiayan Fan: LET’S DANCE!

This series of dynamic illustrations shows different dance styles, full of rhythm, movement and colour. The concept of the work is to encourage people to use dance as a way to keep depression at bay.