Moving Images

From short looped gifs to longer animated films, moving image is a great way for illustrators to create impactful work.

Alan Lu Jiang: Oriental Charm (Hermès Promotional Video)

This promotional video combines elements of classic Hermes design with Asian motifs. The animation features spinning mandalas and falling blossom, bringing all the elements together in a harmonious way.

An animation of a girl snowboarding

Alicia Blasco: Winter Sports

This series of self-initiated animated gifs show how climate will impact the future of winter sports. The stylised graphic animations are slick while conveying an important message.

Sarah Walsh: Self Portrait Animated Women

Sarah’s self-portrait uses animation to show how the pandemic affected her emotionally. This piece was made for an exhibition titled ‘Animated Women’.

Trajan: cover illustration for “Shanghairen”

This colourful animation shows the illustrator’s remembered journeys through Shanghai; this playful animation collages the logos, signs and symbols that create the visual life of the city.

Weronika Marianna: Anima Mundi, a soul of all the living things

The looped-gif format of this project is a metaphor for the cycle of life, illustrating the esoteric concept of Anima Mundi (the soul of the world).

Chiara Vercesi: The Price of Extinction

This short animated gif was used as part of an online campaign to highlight the threat to endangered species.

Daniel Liévano: Sounds Wild and Broken

Daniel created this series of animations to accompany an audio story by David G. Haskell for Emergence Magazine. The work features primal landscapes and futuristic imagery rotating and circling, in reference to the origins and evolution of sound from the beginning of the universe.

Sophie Mildner: Lockdown Rhythms

This augmented reality work shows the impact of various stages of lockdown on a place. The pieces are painted on wood, with animations added to show the shifting seasons.

Yuan: Encounter

This animated gif shows the shifting shadow on a pavement as it is disrupted by passers-by. Using textures and simple line, the animation shows the idea in just a few frames.