More than Words

Illustration has always been a means to explore the meaning of the written word, and communicate it in a new and thought provoking way.

Eva Redamonti: What is Consciousness?

A multilevel house in a surreal landscape with human features juxtaposed with birds and globes, this piece communicates the complicated question ‘What is Consciousness’?

Stanza from Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

Georgie McAusland: Christina Rosetti’s Goblin Market

The fairy tale characters in this immersive poem are given life through the highly textural and atmospheric illustrations. The imagery has been created using gouache and watercolour, with further textures developed using monoprint to give unexpected results to compliment the composition.

Tamarind Magazine Cover

Ryan de Carte: Tamarind literary magazine cover


Duke +1: NOISE (LÄRM)

These illustrations are striking translations of three opera productions for the German-language opera magazine of the Austrian state opera. The images are bright, and highly experimental, while communicating the story of each opera with dynamism and urgency.

key image for a cultural institution

Luigi Olivadoti: various editorial illustrations

These editorial illustrations for a range of clients have a distinctive style; the loose, scribble-like line is in contrast to the dense detailing and vibrant colour used throughout.

Juárez Casanova_Borders

Juarez Casanova: BORDERS. The new physical and virtual spaces condition human existence

Our ever present smartphones can open up communication, whilst also putting up barriers and limiting human interaction. The exaggerated human forms show how we are losing the ability to bridge the divides that technology brings.

Graham Carter: Secrets of Lost Meteorites

This incredibly detailed papercut illustration employs a 3D layering effect to show the hidden depths of meteroite fossils which were explored in an article in The New Scientist.

LLAONKIM: An Essay of a Shaman These Days

This series of illustrations accompany an essay written by shaman Hong Kali. His daily life is rendered in bright colours and everyday scenes, far away from the traditional idea of a shaman.

beyapanicha: In Pursuit Of Global Equilibrium

In this standalone illustration to accompany an article in Noema Magazine, three hands representing global superpowers are locked into a game of Jenga. This single image captures a complex story of power and politics in a way that can be understood immediately.