Home and Community

Illustration can help communities come together to reflect on important events and their futures, as well representing their experiences of home and creating moments of joy.


Fredinko: Citybus

This colourful bus design was created to promote the experience of shopping at a local mall in Switzerland, but it was quickly adopted by the local community as the ‘happy bus’.

Ukkadam Art District Mural by Kneethee

Kneethee: Veedu/Home

Playing with scale, this dramatic mural depicts common household objects in an unexpected setting. The details of the mural were based on interviewing colony residents about the objects at home that they felt most connected to during their lockdown experiences.

Nika Mamedova: COMMUNITY

This mural was created for the hallway in the Illustration Department for the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham. The themes of community and togetherness are strongly represented with joyful stylised figures and botanical details.


This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of the Great Retreat of the Kuomintang from China to Taiwan in 1949. Zhang uses a combination of monoprint and drypoint etching to capture the atmospheric details.

NICO189: Come Together

Bold characters and colours communicate how a group of people can work together to achieve social inclusion and dialogue, and forge a participatory art path in the community. The mural was commissioned for the Appartengo Festival, to represent the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

chencorn: The Lighthouse Keeper

Working with their local community, the illustrator Chen used handmade paper in these dramatic collaged picture book illustrations that was made by children with disabilities from the Maria Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan.