Illustration bringing powerful memories and imagery from the past to life for a contemporary audience.

Jules Watson: Home: a story of Chernobyl

Dark washes of ink in these illustrations tell the human story of the impact of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster., bringing this stark, shocking moment in history to a new, young audience.

Andre Ducci: Talking History

The spoken word has the ability to change hearts and minds, and these beautiful limited colour palette illustrations tell the story of the impact of 150 years of world changing speeches.

Chenyue Yuan: Pearl’s Daughters

Telling the real life, everyday stories of female factory workers was important to Chenyue. It is a personal narrative of unnamed women in memory of their life in the Pearl River Delta in China.


Bo Yang: Children’s History Encyclopaedia Picture Book – The Silk Road

Told from the perspective of the explorer Marco Polo, this encyclopaedia takes you on a colourful journey along the Silk Road to China. These evocative illustrations were created using a combination of watercolour and gouache.

Daniel Duncan: The Girl Who Could Fix Anything – Beatrice Shilling, World War II Engineer

Based on the true story of WWII Engineer Beatrice Shilling, the illustrations for this picture book immerse the reader in 1940s Britain. Created digitally using a variety of brushes, the muted colour palette helps tell the story of the adventures and challenges she faced.

Ekaterina Sheath: The New Pavilion: A Walk Through Time

Now abandoned, the New Pavilion building had been at the heart of the Morley community since 1911. This illustration project commissioned by Leeds City Council brings the empty building to life, with illustrations on all 51 of its windows. Featuring images sourced from local people’s memories, the building’s history is brought back to life through the voices of the community.