Flora & Fauna

A rich seam of inspiration exists in depicting the inhabitants and species of the natural world. It may be used as a means to enhance a public space, for storytelling and communicate the importance of conservation.

Lucille Clerc: RHS HILLTOP The Home of Gardening Science – Mother Nature

In an exhibition exploring the impact of gardening on wellbeing, this series of illustrations were drawn in a very large scale by hand, and then screen printed on wood and engraved on glass. A subtle colour palette and incredible attention to detail help communicate an imaginary non gender silhouette of nature.

Brian Britigan: Chain of Lakes

Playing with scale, and using a simple vintage inspired colour palette, this screen printed poster was created for the Posters for Parks exhibition in Minneapolis, USA.

BICHA: Endangered Species

This repeat pattern design depicts a range of endangered species with an emphasis on character and engaging detail. The pattern was used on a range of products from gift packaging to cloth bags and sweatshirts.

Lydia Mary: Let’s Find Out About Cormorants

In a style reminiscent of Japanese wood cuts, the coastal birds of Scotland are depicted in this playful non fiction zine for children. Working from observational line work, the final piece was created digitally, using hand made mono-print textures.

Réka Király: Herbarium

With a simple monochromatic colour scheme, this mural was free hand painted, depicting 57 species of plants, imagined as a silent celebration of diversity. The mural was commissioned to enhance a gallery and shop space with a focus on design and sustainability.

Quim Torres: The Rare Tiny Flower

Exploring how colour can be a whole character in a story, this delicately observed picture book uses white space and subtle grey details to help tell a story diversity, acceptance and respect.