The urgency of climate change is an unsurprising feature of this year’s shortlist. From campaigns, to political work, to illustrating the science of climate change, there are many ways for illustrators to visualise this increasingly urgent topic.

Christian Gralingen: Climate Change

Christian’s book illustrations for an anthology on the current debates and research on climate change feature a highly graphic style, with layers of map and geographical imagery and a bold colour palette to communicate the complexities of climate change.

Melting Globe

Christina Baeriswyl: Melting Globe

Christina’s illustration of a melting globe was created for use as a flyer for a rally UN climate change in Switzerland. Commissioned by WWF this hyperreal illustration features the arresting image of a melting snow globe to make its point effectively.

Chiara Vercesi: The Price of Extinction

This series of illustrations was commissioned by Chicago Zoo as part of a fundraising campaign, focusing on the endangered species that are looked after by the zoo. The illustrations are intended for use as part of a print and online campaign, with a highly stylised design and intricate textures.

Sisi Kim: A Messy Day

Sisi Kim’s illustration uses 3D realism and 2D hand drawn textures to create a landscape full of conceptual imagery. Having the chewing gum stuck to the bottom of the shoe is a metaphor for the current problems that climate change present in our everyday lives. The burning house, and snow in the desert, are warning signs that all is not right.

Reportage illustration series for the Financial Times from COP26

Lucinda Rogers: Reportage Illustration Live from COP26 for the Financial Times

Lucinda collaborated with the Financial Times to make 8 reportage illustrations to cover the events of the cop 26 gathering in Glasgow. The works use energetic line drawing, pops of colour, highlighting small details that tell the larger story.

Melanie Gandyra: Wild Spaces – Protect What You Love

This illustration at the Innsbruck based Patagonia store, showcases the main peaks of the landscape in the area. The message of this piece is that the wild spaces of the Alps need to be protected, with the environmental features of this area highlighted in a bold design using a primarily purple and green colour scheme to create an eye-catching design.