Beating Bias

The impact of the campaigning of the Black Lives Matter movement has become a pivotal moment for global politics. This gallery of projects shows how illustrators have responded to editorial and self-initiated briefs that address the issue racial bias.

Cherie Kwok: Beating Bias

In this prospective editorial illustration (created in response to a Wired UK article), a rigged game is a visual metaphor to show the structure of biased systems. It shows how power is concentrated, and that bias and racism hinder opportunities for all.

Hélène Baum-Owoyele: Women of Colour

This personal project is a series of portraits of inspirational BIPOC women writers. Made in the artist’s signature style which merges watercolour and vector illustration, the aesthetic is inspired by collage and patchwork to create a unique set of images.

Lyne Lucien: Personal Black Futurism

After watching the George Floyd trial unfold, like many Americans, Lyne was incredibly disappointed and discouraged by the racism and abuses experienced by black and brown communities in America. These illustrations instead imagine a vibrant utopia where people of colour can live without fear, just as they are.

David Perrin: Data Capitalism + Alogorithmic Racism

These illustrations were commissioned by Data For Black Lives to visualise the findings of their report on algorithmic racism and data capitalism. They combine archival photos with modern-day uses of technology, collaged together to create powerful images with a serious message.

Shadz: Produced by the Film and TV Industries

This university project was created to confront and raise awareness of racial issues that are present on and off screen. Racial inequalities are deeply rooted, impacting who we see and who decides what we see on screen.