Work in Context Gallery

See how illustration lives in the real world. From murals, newspapers and magazines, book covers, posters, packaging and more, see the finished product from a range of projects.

Alona Millgram, the ‘Princess and the Rock’

Harrison Edwards ‘Godzilla Box’

Maike Neuendorff, ‘Silent Book: Il Giardino dei Sogni – The Dream Garden’

Sonia Alins, illustrated notebook for Moleskine Studio Collection

Tania García, Uno, Un Millón

Benjamin Flouw Illustration ‘Birdwatching’

Chiara Vercesi ‘Hope in crisis – the opioids epidemic’

Cinta Arribas ‘I Hate Everyone’

Grace Park ‘Silk Road Wonders’

Ekaterina Sheath ‘Meanwood’

Claire Mignard ‘Coleoptera’

Dani Torrent ‘Intimacy’

Felicia Fortes ‘How to Talk to your Kids about Racism’

Zamo Peza ‘New World Poster Series’

Daniela Gonzalez ‘The Reopening of a Country During the Pandemic’

George Fox ‘Don’t Mess with our Home’

Higi Vandis ‘All Women’

Xavier Mula ‘Without Planet there is No Life’

Isabel Roos ‘Journey into Light’

Laura Oh ‘Eco Croc

Tímea Zsófia Terenyei ‘Interactive Educational Path – Salföld Manor’

Xavier Segers ‘Typographic Bacteria’