Nick Hayes is the winner of the Professional Commercial Publishing Category! Find out more about Nick and this winning project:

About the Project

My favourite thing about The Book of Trespass is that it might actually do something. Its a collection of pretty words and pretty illustrations, but the response so far has been more than favourable, it has been something closer to a zeitgeist. People are ready to act on its points, and so the focus has turned towards the accompanying campaign.


My materials have always been cheap and simple. I used to work solely in linocut, but found it too long and expensive (renting out the printing press, inks, lino blocks etc) to make it worthwhile as a professional illustrator. So I mimicked the process of relief printing using paintbrushes, inks and the invert tool on photoshop.


Painting and Photoshop


The illustrations have been incredibly useful as they allow the book to appeal to a wider audience. They entice people to buy the book, including those who might not readily identify with its politics – until they read it.

What are your plans for the future?

To free the rivers and woodlands of England to public access, and then dedicate them as inherent human rights.


The book took three years to research and write, about one month to draw.

What is your dream commission?

Here’s the funding to research, write and draw a graphic novel about the Irish and African slave uprisings in the Caribbean.


Don’t be shy to invoice – be ruthless – think of yourself as the artful dodger, hustling on the street. Don’t be an artist who would like be paid, but understands if its not possible.

What’s your favourite thing to draw?

Hares. I still haven’t quite got them right, and I want to.