Marie Doerfler is the New Talent winner in the Advertising Category! Find out more about her and this winning project:

About the Project

In the fall of 2020, I received a brief to create twelve Illustrations of people and animals in connection with the furniture design from the Hamburg based company [more]. The illustrations were planned for the catalog 2021.


The style brief for the illustrations was abstract, organic, rough and toned down colors. The furniture should be translated in a playful and imaginative way.


I photographed, sketched and touched the furniture in the company‘s showroom and translated them into compositions with figures in my sketchbook. Inspirations for my illustrations are works from art history, everyday life and nature with its colors, shapes and textures.


For the Illustrations I used acryl paint, ink, crayons, pencil & Procreate


The illustrations were created in mixed media, focusing on a valuable character with a dynamic and abstract expression. The basic analog composition was created in gray tones. After scanning, the illustration was colored digitally on the iPad in Procreate.


It‘s always exciting to be challenged – especially when mistakes happen. It encourages playful experimentation and discovering new possibilities.


For me, the joy and play is an important part of the feeling for the image. That‘s why I sat down first with the illustrations that sparkle in me, and then I looked for the feeling in the other compositions.


My master studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.


Unfortunately, I’m not very good with numbers – but I do know that I created 12 illustrations for this project and I drank about 126 cups of tea during that time.


I see many small mistakes and opportunities for change. But that is always a motivation to grow further, learn from it and benefit from the reflection in the next project.


I think it‘s always good to see the work as a process and a phase of the current situation. Think outside the box and set visions. And also to believe in yourself and to take the path where something in you starts to shine.


Complete my master‘s degree, settle in Vienna, and work on my next book projects during this time.

Dream Commission

I would be happy to see my illustration when I upload my data on Wetransfer and design a tea packaging for the company Sonnentor.

Favourite Thing to Draw

I have always loved to draw people and animals. I am very interested in the relationships between people and also how to express feelings. But also nature in motion is an important part of my work, with which I want to create awareness for its protection.


When I sit at my desk at home, I can look out over the rooftops of Vienna. Around me hang works and quotes from my friends and next to me is usually a cup of yogi tea with oat milk.


Many thanks to the AOI, the jury, my partner Flo, my family and the Dinner for Five Crew.