Fatinha Ramos is the Overall Professional Winner and winner of the Professional Editorial Category sponsored by Procreate! Find out more about Fatinha and her winning project:

About the Project

This project was commissioned by Michael Mrak for Scientific American. It was about “The Other US Epidemic”, specifically: about suicide. I decided to focus on the overall theme of suicide, mainly on the feelings themselves. The final illustration can be interpreted in two ways, from the perspective from who stays, and from the perspective from who has gone…


The brief was about the rise of suicide in the US, and the fear that the pandemic would make things worse.


Because I wanted to focus more on the general concept of suicide, which is extremely difficult to visualise, I read articles about people who lost someone close because of suicide. I wanted to understand how it felt. Also I read articles about why do people make that decision, in order to understand it better.


I used Winsor and Newton acrylic. I also used sand paper to create the texture. The sketches were made using Procreate.


After I made the research, and because I wanted to focus more on the feeling of suicide for the people who stay, and the people who go, I start with words related with the feeling. Then I start doodling and sketching in pencil and after in Procreate. Then I paint it with acryl, scan it and work further in Photoshop. Then I print it, paint over the print and use sand paper for the textures. The final image is digital.


The challenge was not to fall into clich√©s, not to grasp the first ideas…and try to think further. I wanted to make an intelligent illustration.


I leaned more about the subject itself, and also about both sides. I started to understand the reasons behind. Also, the creative process was intense because I wanted to have a composition that would be simple and tell a lot at the same time.


It was the Pandemic and in that same year I know 5 people that committed suicide, it was actually a week before I started to work in this illustration.


I think I worked 24 hours in total. The illustration came on one page in the magazine Scientific American.


Push it further, don’t stay in the first ideas. Most of all, have fun working, enjoy the process… and the rest will follow!


Besides keeping on doing editorial illustration, I want to invest more time on my personal projects.

Dream Commission

Working on an animation story.

Favourite Thing to Draw

People, concepts, feeling…


My studio is at home, it has a lot of plants and things that inspire me around.


I would like to thank Michael Mrak for this project. I feel we are a great team. Winning this award gives a boost to keep on doing what I love!