Dani Choi is the Overall New Talent winner and winner of the Design, Product & Packaging Category! Find out more about her and this winning project:

The collection of twelve illustrations in order
Menu card displayed with the course dish served at Atomix
Photo compilation of selected printed menu cards

About the Project

I collaborated with Atomix NYC, a fine dining restaurant located in Lower Manhattan to create illustrations for their seasonal menu cards. The series consist of twelve images inspired by Sip-jang-saeng, the ten Korean symbols of longevity and prosperity of life.


The brief was to create illustrations for Atomix’s seasonal menu cards which would be served with a ten course tasting menu that highlights Korean cuisine.


I already knew the meaning of Sip-jang-saeng, but did further research on the image, its significance and usage in Korean culture to have a deeper understanding of the concept before diving into the drawing.


Since these menu cards were given to customers as a souvenir, I wanted to create images that represented Korean culture to remind them of the cultural experience. Also, the restaurant was opening after a long hiatus due to Covid-19 shutdown, so I decided to use a motif symbolic of longevity to wish everyone good health.


The design was perhaps the most challenging part since I had to find a way to divide the image to print onto twelve individual cards. I adopted the idea of placing each element in a box so that each card works as a standalone, but combined together creates a collective piece.


I learned how to resolve design challenges in a creative way and how much time and effort actually go into production from start to finish.


12 menu cards, 3 weeks production time and 90 reference photos saved in a folder


This was my very first commission since graduation and while I was overjoyed to do it, I was also anxious. I was determined to do a perfect job which is simply impossible to achieve on any given project. So, if I were to do this again, I would probably tackle it with less intensity and enjoy the process more.


I think finding your own way of breaking out of a creative rut is crucial. It can be as simple as taking time off work to make a nice cup of tea for yourself. I, for one, take a quick nap or do house chores to break the tension and relieve stress.


I plan to broaden my spectrum of work by learning new techniques and programs. My biggest fear doing my job is feeling strained and fatigued by the same, repetitive process and eventually losing interest in the work.

Dream Commission

I have several dream commissions; a commission from a high-end clothing brand to create print design — I always wanted to see people wearing my design; a commission that involves having my work on a large wall or screen — it’d be amazing to see my illustration on a larger scale; a commission from a gallery to be involved in a group or solo exhibition.

Favourite Thing to Draw

Lingering ideas, faint memories and dreams, outlandish looking things found in nature.


My small studio/ bedroom with a huge desk that’s always messy yet organized at the same time.


Special thanks to Atomix for such a meaningful commission and WIA for giving me this award. It’s a huge honor and privilege to win the Overall New Talent Category among many talented artists and this give me great courage and confidence in myself to continue to create!