Storyboard Gallery

See how illustrators plan out the narratives of their projects through the use of storyboarding.

Alona Shostko, storyboards and text layouts for ‘These Amazing Ukrainians’

Eunyoung Jeong storyboards for ‘Inside and Outside;

Storyboards for Hifu Miyu’s project ‘Avec Moi’

Storyboarding and planning for ‘Cephalopods from Head to Toe’ by Katerina Polyakova

Map panels for ‘World of Cryptids’ by Laimute Varkalaite

Li Ya Wen’s storyboard for the music video ‘Hello Bye Bye’

Sojung Kim McCarthy’s ‘Minari Movie Postcards’

Sophie Feige’s storyboarding for her projct »Things to use on an adventure trip«

Yang Sio Maan storyboarding for ‘Hazy Days (Lifestyle illustrations)’

Raffaela Schöbitz’ planning process for ‘Fare Thee Well, Scrambled Eggs!’

Maria Kim’s storyboarding for ‘Still Life with Rice’