Sketch Gallery

Sketching is an important part of any visual artist’s practice, allowing for experimentation and testing of ideas on the page or screen.

Amy Leonard, sketches for the project ‘Falling’

Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia, sketch for ‘White Lies, Black Truth – album cover’

Ciara Quilty-Harper, sketches for the project ‘Lemon Yellow’

Pang, sketch development for ‘Spring Travel Rush’

Xin He, sketches for ‘Journey of People in Song Dynasty’

Grace Xu, sketches for ‘Sonnenorden’

I Chu-Tsao, sketches and character development for ‘Hello Masters’

Rosie Haine, sketches for ‘It Isn’t Rude to be Nude’

Nomoco, sketches for ‘The Happiness Handbook’

Rozalina Burkova, sketches for 5-Minute Coronavirus Stress Resets

Anna and Varvara Kendel, sketches and texture development for ‘On the Shores of Baikal’

Stephanie von Reiswitz, sketches for ‘Murder Most Puzzling’

Virginia Lorente, sketches for ‘Immigrant Architect’

Coralie Bickford-Smith, sketches for ‘Song of the Tree’

Elena Resko, sketches for ‘Lise Meitner Project’

Jennifer Baranowska sketches for ‘Just Like Me’

Emilie Gill, sketches for ‘The Face of the North Wind’

Daniela Sosa, sketches for ‘Wildlife’

Cinta Arribas, sketches for ‘I Hate Everyone’