Self-Promotional and Portfolio Work

An important part of any illustrator’s practice is developing work to showcase their style and ideas. These can be presented to potential clients as a calling card, and shared on social media and other networks to increase reach and visibility.

Adrián Balastegui‘s portfolio project explores the idea of different urban tribes mixing together. This digital illustration includes a futuristic feel of pattern and slick textures.

Hifu Miyo‘s series of sensitive portraits are inspired by everyday life. The soft colours and floral motifs add a delicate quality.

Dominic Bodden uses heavily layered mixed media with plenty of texture, pattern and grit to show a local community as it is impacted by gentrification.

This portfolio piece by Daniel Lupu was created to explore his own style and visual language, particularly his love for sculpture.

This work by Grace Xu was created for her final university project. Combining art historical references with contemporary news story, her unique style and satirical humour shine through in this project.

This series of exploratory illustrations, intended for editorial use by Marella Moon Albanese show an evolving style and conceptual approach to her image-making.

Hyeyeon Chung‘s soft coloured-pencil rendering of a shower of fine rain is part of an ongoing fascination with human relationships.

This work is full of extraordinary detail, created from photocollage of various natural textures. Iris de Luz created this work as an exploration of her personal style, and later published them as prints.

Yadi Liu‘s self-initiated work are both a cathartic outpouring of emotion, and a way of resolving internal conflicts, creating these powerful, abstract works.