SAA Agents Award for New Talent Shortlist

For a third year, the Society of Artists Agents are awarding a currently unrepresented New Talent illustrator an incredible six-month trial representation and mentoring.

The winner will be drawn from this shortlist of 12 illustrators, selected by Christine Isteed (Artist Partners), Jon Cockley (Handsome Frank) and Trina Wydmanski (Phosphor Art).

The winner will be announced at the WIA Awards Ceremony on 12 October!

Amy Leonard: Falling

Dawn Yang: Tomorrow All Cyborgs

Dominic Bodden: Portraits of Westlake

Grace Park: Silk Road Wonders

Hannah Brinkmann: Against My Conscience

He Yizhou: Super Species – New City Life in the Future

Headless Greg: Wilson Strange

Katerina Polyakova: Cephalopods From Head to Toe

Lotte Cassidy: Lockdown Days

Maria Kim: Still Life with Rice

Marie Doerfler: [more]