Tania García is shortlisted for the project Uno, Un Millón in the WIA2021 Professional Children’s Publishing Category sponsored by Walker Books. Find out more about Tania and her shortlisted project:

What’s your favourite thing about your shortlisted project?

I love illustrating animals and landscapes.

What materials did you use?

Indian ink for textures.

What processes did you use?

Once I had the sketches I created the textures with ink, digitized them and added to the flat digital illustrations.

How long did it take?

A year and a half.

Why did you choose to enter this work?

Because the publisher suggested it to me. This is my first children’s book.

What are your plans for the future?

My second book is about to be launched and I’m already working on the third one.

What is your dream commission?

I would like to work on a mural illustration.

What is your best tip for other illustrators?

Practice, make mistakes, explore and fill your mental library with lots of information.