The global market for food and drink products is vast, and illustration plays an important part in the industry to create enticing and appetising products.

Illustration here includes food and drink packaging, as well as work created for hospitality venues.

Di Wang‘s project is an advertising poster inspired by the Chinese tea brand Nayuki, surrounded by a traditional landscape featuring a pagoda and lake, landmarks of the Chinese city Hangzhou.

This illustration by Erika Rossi was commissioned by Cointreau and BcnMés (a Barcelona-based magazine) to celebrate one of the liqueur’s signature cocktails. Inspired by the invention of the drink in the 1940s, the illustration captures the vintage spirit and femininity of the cocktail’s origin story.

These Japanese-influenced illustrations were commissioned by Lucky Cat Noodle Bar to adorn the outside walls. Estée Angéline has recently travelled in Japan, and her contemporary version of traditional Japanese design create a hybrid feel of old and new for this ramen bar.

Adelitas‘ illustration is a celebration of the body’s wisdom. The luscious food illustrated is a body-positive celebration of enjoying food in a healthy way.

Dani Choi‘s project is a series of illustrations for a 10 course tasting menu for Korean fine dining restaurant Atomix. The cards are served alongside the food with the aim of enhancing the overall dining experience. The full set of cards placed together create a cabinet of curiosities inspired by the concept ‘Sip-jang-saeng’, a series of traditional Korean symbols of longevity and prosperity, of life in harmony with nature.

This mural by Freddie Denton for a Greek-themed seafood restaurant in Dubai uses delicate line embellished with gold to illustrate each variety of fish, creating a sumptuous dining environment.

Harrison Edward‘s retro style illustration was commissioned by Crazy Pedro’s for their gigantic 24 in pizza boxes. This work uses the raw cardboard tone to great effect, creating a fun and memorable piece of packaging.

Pommme is a self-initiated project by Jon Hanlan. The four labels each have their own character and vibrant colours alongside amusing names for each flavour.

Patti Ruan celebrates the variety and delight of the aroma of coffee in this lively illustration full of pattern and colour.

Yang Sio Maan‘s illustrations were commissioned for a French-style cafe in China. The illustrations reference French cafe culture and include recognisable motifs from French art creating an inviting set of illustrations to promote the cafe.

A staple of rural English culture, the vegetable growing competition! This illustration by Rosie Leech captures the fun and quirkiness of this activity, with its handcrafted feel and exaggerated scale.