Flora and Fauna

The natural world is a bountiful source of inspiration for the illustrator; pattern and colour proliferate. Read on to uncover the diversity of animals, insects and plants used in a wide range of illustration projects.

This work by Claire Mignard is a scientific illustration of the Coleoptera order. It’s rendered in coloured pencil to create a highly accurate image showing the complexity and sophistication of the insect’s wing structure in particular.

This book cover illustration by Laura Merz uses black and white ink drawings of various creatures, highlighted with bold pops of colour, to show how the natural world is balanced in a carefully intertwined ecosystem.

Tania García‘s children’s book illustrations highlight animals that usually live solitary lives. The works are made using a range of handmade textures, finished digitally to create these detailed, patterned images.

Laura Garcia Serventi was commissioned by Canadian company Pure Sunfarms to showcase the range of cannabis plants they grow, and their different characteristics. These works are made using gouache on paper to create beautifully toned, luminous images that convey the plants relationship to the landscape.

Olga Shtonda‘s textured, layered illustrations are a response to her frustrations when foraging for mushrooms. This illustration titled ‘Not My Day’ turns this experience into a beautiful image instead.

Daniela Sosa‘s university project uses minimal colour and delicate, tender detail. The zine is the artist’s wordless love letter to nature.

Let’s Get Exploring is the key message of Sophie Cane‘s site specific project. Using a trail of illustrations and an activity book, this work encouraged children and families to get outside and enjoy the abundant wildlife to be found on their doorsteps.

This children’s book takes the reader through the evolution of various species from prehistory onwards. Using highly stylised, geometric forms to create a unified aesthetic, these informative illustrations by Ángel Svoboda take us on a journey through time.

These delightful, fun illustrations by Marius Valdes adorn the walls of MUSC Children’s Hospital in South Carolina, USA. Activities developed by staff based on the murals offer a way for young patients to pass the time waiting for appointments.

Katerina Polyakova‘s children’s book is an encyclopaedia of Cephalopods. The illustrations use linocut textures and a limited but bright colour palette to show all the facets of the lives and characteristics of these incredible creatures.

Owen Davey‘s children’s book is one of a series he has created about different types of animals. This book about Octopuses uses his signature geometric, graphic style to create effect, highlighting weird and wonderful facts about these beguiling creatures.

Tímea Zsófia Terenyei‘s interactive trail of Balaton Uplands National Park, Hungary are designed to be both educational and fun. The illustrations introduce the range of animals and plants that thrive on the farm to younger visitors.