Feelgood Illustration

Uplifting, fun and joyful illustration to inspire you!

Shunsuke Satake‘s charming illustrations use bright colours and graphic shapes to help children develop language in a sensory way.

Martina Tonello‘s playful project combines bright colours and inviting characters to create a tactile piece of storytelling that encourages the reader to use their imagination.

It isn’t rude to be nude is the message of Rosie Haine‘s exploration of the human body in all its diverse glory! This difficult subject matter is treated with a delicacy and curiosity that can’t help but make you smile.

Good Days is a book by Sasipan Siriporn. Using collage, mixed media and vibrant colour, the illustrations explore what it’s like to live abroad among people from a different culture.

Maike Neuendorff‘s illustrations take the reader on a magical journey through the author’s imagined adventures. These delicate illustrations have a peaceful quality as well as sumptuous details to discover.

Jacqueline Sarah Brown‘s illustrations for Google’s San Francisco office imagines what it would be like if mythical creatures took over the city. These fun illustrations use a cartoon aesthetic to add a humorous touch to the working environment.

Ekaterina Sheath’s murals on these usually dull green boxes (in the UK these house telecoms and TV connections) transform the local area into something cheerful and uplifting for passers by to enjoy during the UK’s 2020 lockdowns.

A creative approach to window shopping! Jialei Sun‘s project fulfils their desire to buy things (particularly during lockdown). Instead objects are collected together in this detailed and subtly humorous series.

This design for a mural by Beverley Gene Coraldean¬†was used as a wall wrap for CDW’s Chicago Offices in their lunch/staff room. The illustration captures the creativity of the company’s culture, and provides a bright and joyful environment away from a more corporate feel elsewhere.

He Yizhou‘s series of illustration were created for posters to advertise the city of Wuhan. These bright and vibrant illustrations offer a glimpse of a future city.

This fluid, inky illustration by Nomoco captures a feeling of a joyful gathering. The luminosity and abstract shapes referencing natural forms give this piece a warm glow.

These joyful illustrations by Qu Lan burst with the sense of adventure and excitement of bedtime stories and dreams.