Creative Processes Gallery

See images, sketches and photos from the artists showcasing the range of creative processes used to create their shortlisted projects.

Sasipan Siriporn’s mixed media process for the project ‘Gooddays’

Nick Hayes’ mix of photography and observation for his project ‘Book of Tresspass’

Carles G.O’D’s drawings and digital process for the project ‘Back for the Future’

Tabitha Wall’s cut paper models for her project ‘Sustainability Awareness Posters’

Grace Xu’s models for her project Sonnenorden

Darya Martynova’s development drawings and typography for the project The Infinite Garden

Jessie Lin’s planning and painting for the project Smoggie

George Fox’s models and ink drawings for his AR project Don’t Mess with our Home

Laura Merz’ collage and printing process for her project 1,001 Creatures

Cecilia Abeid’s model making for her project New Millennium, a stop motion music video animation

Yin XinHe’s development for illustrations for Steppenwolf

Patrícia Mafra’s drawing and digital colouring for the project Mily Possoz

Larissa Honsek’s claymodels for the game app Queen’s Rules