WIA2021 Celebration Programme

The WIA2021 Celebration Programme of online events will run throughout October and November, highlighting areas of current importance, including alternative routes into illustration, increasing diversity within the industry, and the impact of COVID-19.

The celebration programme is part of the World Illustration Awards, a year-long celebration and showcase of illustration, bringing together creatives, industry, commissioners and art directors, celebrating great illustration on a global like never before.

Alternative Routes into Illustration

Tuesday 19 October 2021, 6 – 7pm, online event

£5 members/£10 non-members

How can illustrators from underrepresented backgrounds get a foot in the door? This panel discussion will cover portfolio development, online marketplaces, awards and other avenues for self-promotion and career development that are outside of traditional routes into an illustration career.

Speakers include: Arabella Stein (Managing Director, Bright Agency), Leon Edler (Illustrator and founder Room 50) and Adriana Bellet (Illustrator and AOI Mentor).

Illustrating Covid-19

Tuesday 26 October, 6 – 7pm, online event

£5 members/£10 non-members

A look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on illustrators – both from a creative and practical point of view.

Many of the entries to the World Illustration Awards this year focussed on the pandemic. These included illustrations explaining the science of the virus, as well as work that captured the effect of restrictions on everyday life.

Speakers include: Vic Lee (WIA2021 shortlisted illustrator, creator of Corona Diaries) and Rachel Bajema (Medical Illustrator and Editor of the Medical Illustration and Animation source book, produced by Serbin Creative, Inc. for the Association of Medical Illustrators), with more to be announced.

Self-Promotion Masterclass

2 November, 6 – 7.30pm, online event

£7 members /£12 non-members

Many new talent and emerging illustrators enter the World Illustration Awards with a focus on promoting their best projects to wider audience. There are many ways to use an awards entry to promote yourself, and this masterclass will look at how to use participation in awards as a starting point to greater visibility and ultimately, more commissions.

Led by Rachel Hill, AOI Membership Director and the AOI Awards Team

Improving Access, Increasing Diversity

Tuesday 9 November, 6 – 7pm, online event

£5 members/£10 non-members

How does increasing the diversity of the industry help commissioners, agents and illustrators produce great illustration?

This year, WIA introduced a bursary scheme to increase access, and we encourage illustrators from across the world to apply. This year we had entries from every continent, with increasing numbers from emerging markets.

Increasing access and diversity offers a greater range perspectives, different voices, styles and experiences that all contribute to creating great illustration.

How can we build on progress so far, and what else might need to change?

Speakers include: Dorcas Brown (co-founder, Grand Matter Agency) and Dwuan June (Art Director, Washington Post, USA), with more to be announced.