Medical Illustration

llustration using the minimum to create impact. Limited colours, simple lines and bold shapes can tell a story in the simplest of ways.

Luisa Jung
Poverty and the Developing Brain

Luisa was commissioned to make a cover image for an issue that explored the striking correlations that exist between poverty and less-than-optimal physical and developmental outcomes.

Yi Pei Lieu
On Target for the Precision Health Era

This illustration was commissioned for A*STAR Research, the flagship publication of the Agency for Science and Technology, Singapore (A*STAR).

To showcase Singapore’s innovative National Precision Medicine program, Yi Pei created a compelling visual that captured its three-fold goal: delivering the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Ollie Hirst
The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2022

Pairing idea-led illustration with leading endo research: diabetes disease burden, menopause, redefining Type 2 diabetes groups, osteoporosis in men, risk of radiotherapy for brain tumours and more.

Ideas based on monthly summaries of scientific papers, aiming for a human touch on incredibly complex topics, dismantling barriers to research and increasing accessibility. Drawn in Procreate on iPad

Sofie Louise Dam
The World Is In You

These four scientific posters explore how our bodies are entwined with the world around us. Together with scientists, Sofie found familiar and surprising metaphors to explain molecular mechanisms.

Comics and text around the core add nuance and story or point out limitations to our knowledge. Handpainted and with a poetic tone, they focus on the human aspect rather than science as objective truth.

Chiara Vercesi
The Urgent Need to Improve Health Equity

An in-depth look into health inequity and the commodification of healthcare in the US.
“COVlD made obvious what many already knew: Inequity-whether because of race, culture, skin color, income or caste-can be lethal.”