LinkedIn for IllustratorsNEW

LinkedIn. At first glance it’s not a very loved social media platform but it’s actually a pretty useful way of connecting with people who might be interested in your services.

LinkedIn is about building one-on-one relationships with potential clients, employers and partners. It is much more about building relationships with potential employers and partners than, for example, Instagram where you can be broadcasting to many people.

It’s a chance for you to take control of who sees your work. While on Instagram you might be waiting for people to discover you, on LinkedIn you can directly approach the people that might be interested in your work. Also, if you’re looking for any press coverage of your work, you might be able to find journalists information more easily on LinkedIn.

This resource assumes that you haven’t already set up your LinkedIn profile, but if you have, you can use the tips to make modifications.  It’s written by Kaye, from Paved with Gold.

Paved With Gold are a creative marketing agency helping people launch and grow their businesses from scratch. Helping with everything from branding, to PR, to social media. They run mentorship programmes around the UK and help creatives run and manage their crowdfunding campaigns.

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