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Podcasts can be a great way to access a world of information and support resources, or just relax while working away on a deadline. Presented in alphabetical order,  take a look at our selection below for some inspiration.

99% invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, the show is a ‘sound rich, narrative’ podcast which explores the design and architecture of our everyday lives, which are often taken for granted.

Find and listen to all episodes here.

Are We On Air?

Arman Naféei’s weekly interview series exploring the soundtrack of today’s cultural figures and personalities in music art, film design & science
Listen to all episodes here.

Being Freelance

Freelancing? Being boss of your own life and business can be tough and isolating. But it can also be totally rewarding. Pick up tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it as a freelancer by hearing other freelancers share their experience. You’re not alone being freelance. Hosted by Steve Folland.

Listed to all episodes here.

Creative Boom Podcast

The Creative Boom Podcast is full of honest advice and insight from both emerging and established names in the creative industries to inspire your own creative career. Hosted by Creative Boom founder Katy Cowan.
Listen to all episodes here.

Creative Lives In Progress

Feel reenergised by this handy review of podcasts from 2020 including talks with typographers, designers and more, as they discuss their less conventional routes to being creatives.
See the full list here.

Creative Pep Talk

Andy J. Miller is your host. If you are interested in building a fertile creative practice then these monologues and interviews should offer plenty.
Find all episodes here.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Award winning podcast hosted by author Emma Gannon, this is a podcast for those who like to utilise their interests to shape their work. Delving into well-being, work, & creativity as not so typical careers
Listen to all episodes here.

Design Matters

Hosted by Debbie Millman Design Matters is one of the earliest podcasts, looking at the design and the wider creative culture with a galaxy of guests including writers, curators and musicians. You can search talks by specific discipline including illustration.
Find all episodes here.

[Draws in Spanish]

This podcast showcases noteworthy Latinx visual artists, exploring their creative journeys and how they got to where they are today. Host and Chilean-American illustrator, Fabiola Lara, brings humor and empathy to the conversation, uncovering how the artist’s culture and Latinx identity informs their artwork. Whether you’re just starting your creative career or looking to discover the next big name in visual art, join Fabiola as she chats in English with artists who draw in Spanish.

Find all episodes here.

How I built this

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how some of the most familiar global companies came to be, then Guy Raz can deliver. This a space where idealists and innovators share their tales.
Listen to all episodes here.

Illustration Hour

Illustrator Julia Dufossé hosts an hour long-form interview podcast delving into both the craft and business of illustration and design. The episodes are no longer ‘live’ but have been kept as an educational resource.
Listen to all episodes here.

Inside Illustration Podcast

Inside Illustration is a new suite of content from the AOI, including this podcast. The theme of each podcast is explored by a host and two guests – an illustrator who excels in the theme field and a prominent illustration commissioner – examining the qualities that make excellent illustrated images.

Listen to all episodes here.

Make it then Tell Everybody

Brought to you by host and Comic Artist Dan Berry, the show focuses on exploring how comic artists and illustrators create their work.
Listen to all episodes here.

Out of Ink

A podcast hosted by artists Molly Lemon and Bea Baranoska: two anxious creatives talking about life as an artist. Covering topics such as motivation and Instagram with warmth and humour.

Listen to all episodes here.

Pensar en Color (Thinking in Colour)

An illustration podcast hosted by Argentinian illustrator Vivi Maidanik, born from the desire to talk with colleagues about their daily tasks, processes, and visions. Throughout 10 episodes, the experiences and learnings of 15 professionals invite listeners to discover and inhabit the world of illustration.

Listen to all episodes here.
Podcast in Spanish

Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell challenges viewers to rethink a myriad of topics from history, including people, moments in time or misunderstood cultural events, in a fascinating podcast collection.
Listen to all episodes here.

Sculpting Lives

Jo Baring (Director of the Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art) and Sarah Victoria Turner (Deputy Director for Research at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London) write and present each 45-minute podcast, exploring the work and lives of women sculptors.
Listen and find out more about the podcast here.


Journalist and curator Chrystal Genesis is the creator behind the independent, award-winning arts and culture podcast. Catch a brand-new episode on the first of the month.
Listen to all episodes here.

The Illustration Department Podcast

Giuseppe Castellano talks to folks in illustration, graphic design, publishing, animation, and other creative fields about the ups and downs of their careers.
Listen to all episodes here.

The Creative Condition

Hosted by illustrator and writer Ben Tallon, The Creative Condition podcast show is a series of open, honest conversations with guests from the creative industry and beyond, sharing their tales of creativity, nature/nurture, the chaos and the calm. Supported by The AOI.
Listen to all episodes here.

The Good Ship Illustration Podcast

The Good Ship’s mission is to help illustrators and image-makers navigate a creative career, whilst feeling good. Illustrators Tania Willis, Helen Stephens and Katie Chappell have over 60 years collective experience across the industry which they want to share with the world.
Check out the podcast here.

Women of Illustration Podcast

Dina Rodriguez is your host, Illustrator & teacher. Dina champions female artists, ensuring their stories are heard, but also discusses how to make art and a living.
Listen to all episodes here.

This resource was last updated in September 2022. If you’d like us to include another creative or cultural podcast of your liking, let us know!


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