Unfortunately, illustrators are increasingly being asked to sign away their copyright, with more commissioners asking for a copyright assignment as part of their contracts instead of licensing. Agreeing to copyright assignments..

Illustration and NFTs

Ed Merlin Murray demystifies an area that has been growing in statue and hitting the headlines: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Illustrating for People and Planet – 10 Tips

llustrator and AOI Member Sam Pierpoint realised she could bring her sustainability habits into her work environment. Here she shares 10 points to get you started – from your illustration practice, to travel and your digital footprint.

Illustrating Beavertown: an interview with Nick Dwyer

An award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Nick Dwyer is responsible for the iconic designs across everything to do with Beavertown brewery (where he works as Creative Director).

We interview Nick to learn more about his career journey to date, rules (and breaking them), and his new and upcoming projects.