Illustrator of the Month: October

Bristol-based Member James Davies was the perfect candidate to fill the position of Illustrator of the Month in light of all the creative activity appearing in the West of England this October

You may be aware that there is no copyright in an idea, only in the form the idea takes. If you have a brilliant idea for an illustration and someone..

Commissioning Illustration for Retail

Peter Cross, Customer Experience Director at John Lewis Partnership, commissioned Paul Thurlby’s World Illustration Award winning project National Treasures. Find out more about the commissioning process in this insightful interview.

Jacky Winter on Representation

In this industry insight we talked to Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter about the Australian illustration scene, working globally, geographical trends and the secret to a long career, “Everyone needs to spin a lot of different plates to survive!”

Illustrator of the Month: August

From ‘Down Under’, AOI member Andrea Innocent lives and works as part of the Illustration scene in Melbourne. She describes her travelling years in Japan and how its historical art style influenced her own practice, plus the journey to finding satisfaction and grounding in teaching and leading workshops in Australia.

Is Social Media Really That Important For An Illustrator?

10 years ago, the way we communicate and promote ourselves online changed dramatically with the arrival of social media platforms. Love it or hate it, these have now become an almost integral part of our daily professional routine. But how beneficial is it really for Illustrators? AOI Member Matthew Griffin shares his thoughts on the matter.

Illustrator of the Month: July

We talk to Animation Director and Illustrator Stevie Gee about his success in Design, Advertising and Music, as well as a variety of weird and wonderful products. Also highlight his triumphant win(s) at the World Illustration Awards.

Industry Insight: Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy has an enviable career with his work being seen across UK, Europe and the States in advertising, editorial and publishing. Take a minute to read this insight into his practice and his advice for other Illustrators!

The challenges of illustration-led animation

The AOI are aware of the challenges of licensing illustration-led animation images for additional uses. Chris Page of Jelly London lays down some important pointers on this practice.

Illustrator of the Month: June

Illustrator and Animator Rune Fisker is a Coperhagen-based and Danish born designer, who’s dynamic compositions and vivid colours caught the eye of the AOI team and led to animated dialog for June’s Member of the Month.

Illustrator of the Month: May

Rosanna Webster often consults with us using her illustrator membership in business, pricing and negotiation on some complex and always interesting commissions. A few years back a moving image commission by Stella McCartney propelled her work to the fore and led to a range of opportunities.

Big Steps to Success, by Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Gilles & Cecilie is an award-winning studio based in London, working internationally providing illustration and graphic art. Cecilie talks to us about the importance of planning your own success, and presents 10 things the studio has learned through their own experience and taking a Masters in Business Management.

AOI Interview with William Grill

William Grill’s debut picture book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ won an incredible amount of accolades including the AOI Illustration Awards 2014 and the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, making Grill the youngest winner of the medal in 50 years. We catch up with him to learn more about his latest book ‘The Wolves of Currumpaw’ and his future projects.

Beth Walrond

We catch up with previous AOI Publications Intern and recent Falmouth Illustration graduate Beth Walrond, now successfully working for editorial giants such as The New York Times and The Guardian…

Michael Driver

Having just graduated six months ago, Michael Driver is rapidly establishing himself as an award winning Freelance Illustrator with an impressive list of high profile clients already under his belt…

Owen Davey

Owen Davey’s stunning picture book ‘Bird Search’ has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2015. We thought this was the fittest opportunity to ask Owen what makes him tick!..

Karrie Fransman

Who and what keep you inspired? Stumbling across storytellers or artists who can see this grey, sad world and through their own magical lenses. They give a sense of awe..

Peter Allen

Summer – home page Splash for Travel PR website What was your key motivation in becoming an illustrator? I didn’t know what an illustrator was as a kid. I used..

Simone Lia

Good Fruit, Bad Fruit. Limited edition screen print for Jealous Gallery 2014 How do you keep inspired? This is an odd answer but recently I re-vamped my studio. I had..