Mental Health for Creative FreelancersNEW

The AOI, in partnership with Society of Authors and Association of Photographers have released an initial version of a resource around mental health and creative freelancers.

You can download it here: Mental health and Creative Freelancers May 2020

At least one in six workers experience mental health problems, including anxiety and depression.  Awareness and support to retain and grow good mental health in the workplace is increasing.  However, despite some fantastic resources there is still a gap in awareness and provision for creative freelancers.

The AOI, SOA and AOP work with a wide range of creative freelancers including writers, illustrators, photographers, animators.  From our conversations and research we know that there can be situations and issues that can impact on our members’ mental wellbeing and in some cases can lead to them experiencing poor mental health.

The resource was developed before the current Covid crisis and was due to be released in the coming months.  However, our organisations know that the unprecedented situation has exacerbated wellbeing challenges for many.


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