Varoom 17

BRIC Countries


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Varoom 17

Illustration, Culture, Society Winter 2011/2012

Varoom 17 investigates illustration in the emerging economies of the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – with interesting insights and a wealth of imagery.

Alan Male discovers the faultlines in Chinese commercial image-making as the economy booms. Will a new illustration community emerge? The Bollywood hand-painted film poster is revealed to be far from dead, with a whole a new global audience in the digital age, as recognition of the craft value of painted posters and the whole tradition surrounding it drives this apparent renaissance. Brazilian illustration is as rich and diverse as its country. Tristian Manco spots nine key illustrators who typify nine trends in Brazilian illustration.

Varoom’s contributing editors dig into a selection of great new work in various fields, including Beatrice Alemagna’s new children’s book, cooking app for kids, the Tree of Life (and Death) from Will Dawburn, ritual slaughter reportage from Indonesia and intriguing illustrated maps by Herb Lester Associates.