News / 15th July 2020
New Director at the BCC

The British Copyright Council is a not-for-profit organisation that provides an effective and authoritative voice for the copyright community. The AOI are proud members, and are delighted to be joining..

News / 2nd April 2020
Should Illustrators work for free?

We all know we are in extraordinary times. But there are some things that don’t change. We need to look after ourselves. We need to work. We need to be paid.

News / 9th May 2019

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  I’m Niki Groom (@miss_magpie_spy) and I’m an illustrator based in Bristol. I studied BA Fashion Design and was a designer for over..

News / 14th February 2019
The Bookseller Illustrator Showcase for Bologna 2019

The Bookseller Illustrators’ Showcase is happening once again at this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair, devoted to displaying the artwork of new, unrepresented illustrators in their daily Fair magazine.

News / 30th January 2019
Payback open for claims

Illustrators! Claim now for your share of £££s in royalties available for illustrators who have had their work published in UK books, magazines or shown on TV. It’s well worth it!