Illustrator of the Month: March

If you’re looking for imaginative, funny, colour packed, characterful illustrations (with a few cats too), look no further! Aurora Cacciapuoti does this and much more, and we’re very proud to be showcasing her as our Illustrator of the Month for March.

Illustrator of the Month – February

Master of chill, Illustrator and Animator Joe Prytherch (aka Mason London) has built an impressive portfolio of seamless animated loops complimenting your favourite chill out tracks. Creating animations that work alongside contemporary jazz, and arcade game music – we’re excited to present as February’s Illustrator of the Month!


  This December we are delighted to feature Yorkshire based AOI member Helena Covell as our illustrator of the Month. The AOI team enjoyed an open and animated discussion with..

Illustrator of the Month: June

July is nearly upon us, marking the beginning of summer in full swing. Before this happens though, we are proud to present our 15th edition of ‘Illustrator of the Month’:..

Illustrator of the Month – May

From divine print products to striking murals Laura Callaghan is a celebrated Illustrator with a significant online following, and as guest speaker at Pictoplasma Festival she presented the perfect candidate for May’s Illustrator of the Month!

Illustrator of the Month – April

The AOI is back in OFFSET this weekend delivering a range of events, and for this Illustrator of the Month we feature Dublin based member Ruan Van Vliet, who captivates audiences (and clients) with his simple, striking and humorous work.

Illustrator of the Month – March

In the run up to Bologna we find ourselves delighted by one application by Italian Illustrator Valeria Weerasinghe. Her website bustling with character driven personal projects, we found her the perfect candidate for our Italian take on Illustrator of the Month!

Illustrator of the Month – January

Here at the AOI we pride ourselves in having members from all over the world, who stun us on a daily basis with their incredible portfolios and work ethics. For..