Eleanor Crow – Faber & Faber

Holloway, Faber & Faber, 2013. Artwork by Stanley Donwood. As an illustrator yourself, in your opinion what makes a successful cover illustration? The best cover illustrations successfully integrate type and..

John Mahood

Hey Cover What is the most effective way for illustrators to submit their work to you?   Via email ([email protected]) or twitter (@jsamahood), twitter is an excellent tool to find..

Catharine Brandy

Catharine Brandy – Design Manager, stamps and collectibles, at the Royal Mail.  Dinosaurs Iguanodon Your career has seen a transition from working across creative sectors, to now currently working as..

Minx Creative

Roz Nazerian – New Business / Press Tower of London: Illustrated Print Campaign As a Creative Director for Minx Creative, you are prone to see all styles of illustration. How do..

Suzanna Dean

Creative Director at The Random House Group From beginning your career with Penguin Books to now currently working At Random House as the Creative Director. How has the commissioning Landscape..