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Colombian Coffee Farm

EVA KELLY Colombian Coffee Farm

Summertime in the City

EVA KELLY Summertime in the City

Local Legacies Remembered

EVA KELLY Local Legacies Remembered

CoWork Mural

EVA KELLY CoWork Mural

Tall Ships Poster Design

EVA KELLY Tall Ships Poster Design


EVA KELLY Reportage

Saggart Paper Mills

EVA KELLY Saggart Paper Mills

Greek Museum Athens

EVA KELLY Greek Museum Athens

Rita's Restaurant

EVA KELLY Rita's Restaurant

The Connaught Hotel

EVA KELLY The Connaught Hotel

Sea shells on the sea shore

EVA KELLY Sea shells on the sea shore

Bumble Bees

EVA KELLY Bumble Bees



Cookbook Illustrations

EVA KELLY Cookbook Illustrations

Olive Oil Athens

EVA KELLY Olive Oil Athens

Celebrating Greek Foods

EVA KELLY Celebrating Greek Foods

To Be A Better Cook Magazine

EVA KELLY To Be A Better Cook Magazine

Onions and Mushrooms

EVA KELLY Onions and Mushrooms

Menu Illustration

EVA KELLY Menu Illustration

Candles Tescos

EVA KELLY Candles Tescos