Susanna Rumiz

Hey there! I’m Susanna, a freelance illustrator based in Italy. I work with international clients on a wide variety of projects. My illustrations are published in magazines and children’s books…

Larissa Honsek

Larissa Honsek ( is a Berlin-based graphic designer, photographer and illustrator who loves to explore the intersections of these fields. Her tribe of bright and colorful characters is born out..

Jen Barger

After spending 11+ years working as a designer and an art director, Jen followed her passion to illustration. Specializing in cute things, monster things, spooky things and kid things, she..

Gerry Daly

Specialising in Children’s Picture Books. ‘Where Are You, Puffling?’ published by O’Brien Press 2019. Other pieces here are non-commissioned.

Nathalie Anna Gill

My name is Nathalie Anna Gill and I work as an Illustrator & Designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and grew up in a small town called Växjö, but..

Eddie Edwards

Hello! After working as an art and creative director for 25+ years in the Bay Area, I am now settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico and focused on using my..

Sarah Sheard

I am a person who studied Painting and Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. Now I am a person who lives in Edinburgh and makes stuff. Stuff means drawing, writing, painting..

Veracious Illustration

Veracious Illustration is the work of Lynn Craig, an illustrator living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Conceptual thinking and humour underpin Lynn’s editorial work; distilling complex ideas into compelling imagery…

Liz Kay

When I’m not busy doodling I am usually found hiking and biking around the Yorkshire countryside where I live, and playing tennis for my local club. I have worked on a..