Panna Parmar

Hello, thanks for visiting my Folio. I’m a digital illustrator who likes to play with bold colours, simple shapes and negative space. I’ve created work for short stories, digital marketing..

Maxim Dija

I am artist and illustrator based in Heidelberg, Germany, covering rather broad spectrum from traditional art to digital illustrations and children’s books Illustrations. Please feel free to check out my social..

Cris Cimatu

Originally from the East coast, he grew up in the Baltimore area but now lives and works in Los Angeles as a principle brand and UI/UX designer.  He is a..

Monica Auriemma

Italian Illustrator, born in Naples, based in the UK. My first picture book came out in 2005. My work is a mixture of stubborn attachment to hand drawing, enthusiasm for..

Martha Bräuer

I am a freelance Illustrator, specialised in digital illustrations. I love experimenting with limited colour palettes and simple compositions and have recently focussed mostly on character work.

Cristina Lionne

I’m a Motion Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Digital Artist currently based in London, UK. My artwork is based on pop culture and a vibrant color palettes. With every illustration..

Tim Bradford

Cartoonist, illustrator and animator for When Saturday Comes magazine. I also have a weekly strip called ‘What’s Going On?’ in The New European. I’ve written four  illustrated non-fiction books  and..


Celsius Pictor is a visual artist. Since 2010 has been established as a freelance illustrator and he has been commissioned by agencies in UK, USA, France or Egypt. Celsius has..

Maiia McNicol

I am an artist living in, Scotland,  with a degree in illustration, a life-long passion for sketching, drawing and painting. I like to write stories for children and illustrate them…

Paulina Malowaniec

Paulina Malowaniec is a Polish Illustrator based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Her creative endeavours studies began when she was a child, evolving in fine art high school and led her..

Lucy Morwen

I’m Lucy, an editorial, lifestyle and design-based illustrator working and living in Bristol, UK. My work combines my curiosity for human experiences, current events and character and a love for..

Mariia Bykova

Mariia Bykova, illustrator and hand lettering artist, based in Frankfurt am Main. Mariia was always attracted to visual arts and fascinated by the process of capturing images. For a decade..

Polina Bakh

I’m an illustrator living and working in London. I am inspired by people, and their unique stories. I love noticing small details and gestures that make up an person’s character..

Lucy Middleton

Lucy Middleton is a recent distinction graduate from Falmouth University’s MA in Authorial Illustration. She also received the Award For Graphic Fiction 2019 from Falmouth for her illustrated experimental book..