Alex Green / MSTR GRINGO is a illustrator and designer, who works across a multitude of disciplines. From 3D installations to branding, he looks to jam pack as much hand..

Vane Julian

Vane Julian’s work is made by nature elements, fantasy, surrealism and colours.  She plays with the communicative part of the images, focusing on the conceptual value. She is a visual..

Jennie Anderson

Hello! I’m an experienced & innovative freelance archaeological illustrator & reconstruction artist based in the south-west of England. I can work either with traditional hand-drawn media or with digital media,..

Amy Hood

I am a London based illustrator and artist with a passion for portraiture and fine detail. I find the ever-changing attitudes towards the representation of women through the ages particularly..

Chrissy Curtin

Chrissy Curtin is an Irish freelance illustrator living & working in Ireland. She currently works from home in her small studio alongside her two lovely dogs Lady & Moose. She..

Noumeda Carbone

I’m a Paris born, Italian based award winner freelance illustrator since 2006. With the use of ink, watercolours and markers, I create images with a dreamlike and dark tone. My..

Laurie Rollitt

Laurie is a British artist based in London. He has had the pleasure of working with brands, agencies, institutions and publications such as Apple, Nexus Studios, The Guardian, World Wildlife..

Stephanie Hofmann

I am a freelance illustrator and motion designer based in London. My illustrations have appeared as animations, on book covers, in children books, on textiles, greeting cards, cups, lampshades and in many magazines.

Alda Lilja

I’m a compulsive pencil sharpener and a professional pervert.

Clara Dudley

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer inspired by folk art, sci-fi, sequential art, and dreamscape. Originally from San Francisco, Clara lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. She has a background in..

Rose Clayton

Rose has been illustrating for both local and international clients since she graduated from her MA in Illustration 6 years ago. She is currently doing an on-line course with Lilla..