Sarah Ushurhe

Hello, I’m Sarah. Artist & Illustrator from London, UK. I add subtle and intricate details to my work with pencil, experimenting with both animated and static forms. If you do..


Cathy Hogan is an Illustrator based in Cork, Ireland. Using colour, texture and humour she aims to find fun and personality in seemingly ordinary subject matter.

Stella Murphy

 Stella Murphy is an artist living and working in London. Using a mixture of analog and digital illustration techniques, Stella’s work explores themes of humor, surreal scenarios, and heavily dramatised..


Visual artist from The Netherlands. Works commissioned for newspapers, magazines, (cultural) organisations, companies, music artists and clubs, a.o. Represented by George Grace Represents

Kyle Canyon

Kyle Canyon is a queer illustrator and comic artist based in Rhode Island, USA. Using digital illustration techniques Canyon’s work explores themes of humor, hypotheticals, and overdramatic emotions. The artist..

Abby Cook

Hello! I’m Abby and I’m an illustrator & designer. My work is created using traditional mixed medias – acrylic paint/ink, pencils and pens onto paper & canvas, which I then..

Jason Sturgill

Jason Sturgill is a former graphic designer turned art director and illustrator. He grew up thinking he couldn’t draw and it wasn’t until he was in his 30s that he..