Cynthia Cliff

I am a self taught illustrator. The subject matter and styling of my art is influenced by a childhood growing up in rural Virginia. This background provided rich experiences that..

Maria Klimko

London based illustrator. Exploring existentialism and sensuality through line and colour

Marc Majewski

I am a French illustrator and picture books maker based in Berlin.

Gary Plant

I’m an experienced self-taught illustrator living and working in sunny Staffordshire. Using various artistic mediums I have illustrated and collaborated on a number of published children’s books. Over time I..

Jenna Graham

I live and work in Edinburgh. I completed an MA in Children’s Book Illustration in 2018 at Anglia Ruskin (Cambridge School of Art). My work is paper based. I create..

Samuel J. Jukes

Author & Illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Currently studying at the University of the West of England, undertaking an Entrepreneurship and Business degree. I have an array of illustrative styles..

Gina Shord

Gina is a London based Illustrator who graduated from Falmouth University with a Degree in Illustration. She specialises in editorial illustration, packaging design, greeting cards and children’s books. Gina is..

Fran Pulido

Hey! I’m a freelance illustrator based in Granada (Spain). Having finished my studies in Graphic Design and Fine Arts, I began working in creative studios as a graphic designer and..

Yusra Rose

A strong believer in the power of introversion, with a great appreciation for the littlest of things, fascinated with nature and a little goofy.


Isabella Thermes is an Italian who lived and worked in the US and London before moving to Berlin in order to pursue a career as illustrator and graphic novelist. She..

Ishaa Lobo

Hello! My name is Ishaa Lobo and I am an Illustrator based in London. I love drawing women, interiors, food, animals and buildings. My main interest is in illustrating picture..

Christopher Leaper

Chris Leaper is an illustrator who uses traditional media- acrylic paint, pen and ink, and pencils. Chris’s studio is located in the centre of Huddersfield, England and he trades as..


Hello, I’m Cécile! I’m a self-taught watercolour illustrator. I live in Princeton, New Jersey (US), where I create botanical and food illustrations. My work combines traditional media (watercolour, ink, colored..

Kristina Swarner

Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Kristina has created award-winning illustrations for books, greeting cards, magazines, wine labels, CD covers, and theatre posters, among other things. Her..

Tamlyn Young

Hello, I am an illustrator and visual artist based in Limerick, Ireland. My practice is inspired by observing  and documenting human behaviour:  interactions with each other and our environment, especially..

Clara Serenellini

When I was a little child I used to spend hours drawing for friends and family. From 1998-2005 (Argentina) I studied the career of Industrial Design specialising in clothing, I..

Zhenya Oliinyk

I’m an illustrator based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m also a cartoonist, an MA in Cultural Studies, and a former journalist. It is this variety of experiences that makes me eager to work..

Tatiana Furlan

Hi!  My name is Tatiana Furlan. I am an Italian freelancer from Venice based in London. I am a versatile artist but watercolor is the main feature of my style. What really inspires..