Folktales Art House

We are a Hanoi-based professional Illustration-led Design Agency with years of experience in books, editorials, concept art, interactive images and creative design.

Steven Van Hasten

Belgian artist Steven Van Hasten grew up in Courtrai, an ancient commercial town in West Flanders. He drew and painted on everything as a child, and created his first illustrated..

Stuart Holmes

Londoner Stuart Holmes is now based in Australia’s creative enclave of Melbourne. Trained as a graphic designer, he felt that illustration allowed him much more freedom, and he developed a..


Muxxi is an illustrator with focus on character design.Her fantastic and colourful world of quirky creatures speaks of freedom and joy.Some of her clients includes Winsor & Newton, Google, Microsoft,..

Shona Shirley Macdonald

Originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, Shona studied Animation at Edinburgh College of Art, and now lives in Ireland. Past projects include murals, concept artwork, poster illustration, and comic & book..

Martin Beckett

I have been working as an illustrator for over 15 years for the creative industry.My love of illustration and imagery stems from my love of movies but especially the movie..

Rohan Eason

We represent a diverse range of award-winning illustrators and bring you the latest and most exciting styles. Founded in 1929, Illustration Ltd is a leading international illustration and animation agency with..