Sue Jarman

Sue is image maker and printmaker who uses traditional and digital techniques to produce work with physical energy, delicacy and a strong narrative. Observations of people and environments are key..

Nikoo Bafti

British-Iranian illustrator based in London. Nikoo explores a playful side of mysticism, nature and the esoteric with her gouache and digital paintings, using kaleidoscopic palettes to create striking, surreal scenes..

Henry Climent

I enjoy doing illustrations because I enjoy stories. I’ve been around for a while  searching for stories drawn and written. Contact me at my email for commissions:  [email protected]    

David DeGrand

I am a cartoonist from Texas that has been illustrating professionally for over eight years. I specialize in kid friendly work with a slightly warped sense of humor inspired by..

Wildfox Running

WILDFOXRUNNING is an interdisciplinary artist management company based in Frankfurt, helping numerous clients bring their creative ideas and projects to life.


Hi, I’m Holland. Narrative artist from Middlesbrough, England; mostly fantasy with a splash of other stuff. I also storyboard and make comics, and I’m a spare-time printmaker.

Natalie Rowland

Natalie Rowland is a strong draughtswoman keen to make illustrations using her expressive skills. Nothing makes her happier than to use her art to connect people to a narrative.

Phosphor Art

Today, all over the world, illustration is playing a bigger role than ever in everyone’s lives. That’s exciting. Because we’re confident just about any idea can be brought to life..

Artist Partners

The Artist Partners ethos was to work together as a team – Agent, Artist and Client. Resolving any image making dilemma, as creatively and professionally as possible. With clients that..

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a freelance illustrator currently working in his Columbus, Ohio studio ‘Wheelhouse Art’. Mike is an award-winning artist and creative powerhouse with vast experience in personal portraiture as..

Frances Moffatt

I am an experienced freelance illustrator specialising in  fashion and lifestyle illustration, and have worked on a wide range of commissions for clients across publishing, editorial, fashion and product.

Maxim Dija

I am artist and illustrator based in Heidelberg, Germany, covering rather broad spectrum from traditional art to digital illustrations and children’s books Illustrations. Please feel free to check out my social..

Roar Illustration Agency

Roar Illustration Agency is a unique boutique art & illustration agency based in London, UK, representing a carefully curated selection of the most talented artists, both established and emerging, within..

Monica Auriemma

Italian Illustrator, born in Naples, based in the UK. My first picture book came out in 2005. My work is a mixture of stubborn attachment to hand drawing, enthusiasm for..

Martha Bräuer

I am a freelance Illustrator, specialised in digital illustrations. I love experimenting with limited colour palettes and simple compositions and have recently focussed mostly on character work.

Lindsay Bennett

Hello! I’m a Scottish Illustrator with a love of all things handmade. I’m interested in editorial work and cover design.

Tim Bradford

Cartoonist, illustrator and animator for When Saturday Comes magazine. I also have a weekly strip called ‘What’s Going On?’ in The New European. I’ve written four  illustrated non-fiction books  and..