Liz Hall

Liz Hall is a freelance illustrator from Sheffield, UK. She studied illustration at University College Falmouth, where she received a BA Hons in Illustration. Liz works traditionally in watercolour, coloured..


Katiemo grew up in the artist’s town of St. Ives on the north coast of Cornwall in England. She went to study at Falmouth College of Arts and later graduated..

Steve Hambidge

At 21 my first cover was published. My second was damaged as they shot it so a hastily assembled laser-print from the sole surviving transparency was handed in. The learning..

Tom Snape

Drawing with pen and dip ink I make children’s illustrations filled with movement and life.

Andy Bourne

Andy Bourne is a freelance illustrator, designer and animator based in the vibrant city of Bristol, UK. Originally from the midlands, he has spent the best part of a decade..